Top Brazilian Bishop Endorses Civil Unions for Gay Couples

Leonardo_SteinerThe secretary general of the National Confederation of Brazilian Bishops has endorsed civil unions for same-sex couples, becoming the first national church leader to do so since Pope Francis suggested back in March that the Catholic Church might consider supporting such arrangements.

BuzzFeed reports:

“There needs to be a dialog on the rights of shared life between people of the same sex who decide to live together. They need legal support from society,” Bishop Leonardo Steiner said.

Steiner made clear the church still opposes marriage for same-sex couples, which Brazil’s National Council of Justice made legal last year. “The difficulty is in deciding that marriages of people of the same sex are equivalent to marriage or family,” Steiner said, adding that he believes the measure should have been voted on by congress instead of being enacted by the judiciary.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement of gay relationships, but certainly a step in the right direction.  


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  2. Ayrton says

    Since the country already provides for same sex marriage, he’s a little late. But if he’s looking to minister to gay couples, then maybe he should start working on a religious service that would recognize their “spiritual” union, instead of endorsing a government-granted “civil union.”

  3. simon says

    Who the hell is he? Why anything needs to be approved by him or Church or God if there is one? Just stay out of other people’s business. You are dismissed.

  4. Joe the Cynic says

    25 years ago the bishop’s comments would have sounded progressive. Now they’re just a rear-guard action vainly attempting to salvage something from the ethical wreck of Roman Catholicism.

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