1. UFFDA says

    Just so underwhelming. I danced around like that when I was 10. It was easy. But then my dad caught me and made it less than Pop culture. It’s still less.

  2. Frozen North says

    UFFDA: Spontaneous is easy. Repeating the particular order of things and selling the performance over and over…is what makes it great.

    I love it when some queen bitches about something she hasn’t done and probably can’t do because the performer or artist makes it look easy.

  3. Robert says

    Anyone who doesn’t recognize modern dance and the inherent artistry in this performance is the kind of person who goes through life with blinders on, expecting everything to be simple and pretty and proper. Congrats on “not getting it.”

  4. AnthonyR says

    Love this Song!!! Sia’s Amazing as well as this young Dancer, I believe her name is Maddie from “Dance Moms”. Stunning Song Great Choreography. Xo’s

  5. reality says

    the video and this live performance are everything … people can cross their arms and get bitter, but they’ll never live up to this.

  6. Rrhain says

    Except that when Maddie hits her on the back the second time (about 3:24), there’s no hitch in the voice that would expect if she were singing live.


  7. Marc says

    I am so curious about Sia’s reasons for not facing the audience. I doubt it’s an artistic choice. It appears she has a great phobia. Does anyone know her story? She is talented as hell, and yet, she appears to be scared to be vulnerable. I wonder where that comes from. I’m intrigued.

  8. says

    @Marc: The New York Times Magazine did a profile of Sia recently (can find it online) and she is deeply uncomfortable in the spotlight and on stage, one reason why she’s done so much songwriting for others–it suits her personality better.

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