1. graphicjack says

    I like that he can just laugh about being an object of attraction and desire. His attitude is SO much better than Hammaconda, who keeps whining about how everyone is talking about his piece and asking them to stop. Instead of being offended, just laugh about it. A lot of guys WISH they had your 1st world problems, Jon Hamm.

  2. woodroad34 says

    I was uncomfortable with the talk about the shower situation–it went on too long and gave the impression that it’s not safe to go to a gym and take a shower with gay guys.

  3. Patrick says

    @ Woodroad34: It’s not the gay guys hitting on him, it’s the “straight ” ones. They’re are OZ’ed up and want to ride Meloni’s wonder rod.. They need man time…

  4. Jack M says

    BTW, Chris took dancing lessons when he was young, which is perhaps the reason he developed a fine butt. I’m sure he keeps up with his workouts.

  5. GregV says

    @Woodroad34: Well, he definitely didn’t blame the staring shower troll situation on gay men. Anyone who goes to a gym a hundred times is at least once going to run into he creepy troll who rubs and stares.
    The problem is that some people (including some listening to his story) do misconstrue that one guy as being “gay men.”
    I overheard a homophobe in the showers at my gym one day telling his friend that “it’s too bad they got rid of the sauna here but it was all because of what some men from a certain section of town did in there, if you know what I mean.” I knew which “section of town” he meant, and I thought: He has no idea that easily a third of the men in this gym are gay, hat we’re from all over the city, and that he sees a thousand of us here minding our own business. I don’t think Meloni is unaware of that fact.

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