1. terry says

    come on its the catholic church after all. If she were a priest doing the alter boys there would have been a promotion and transfer to another school, but loving a gay son openly? What does the catholic church know about love?

  2. verbocityeric says

    “God gave me a gift that day. He changed me as a person to be so much more accepting of so many other people and to see people’s differences.”

    This is a text book example of a “true revelation”: a religious experience that makes one a better person and brings her closer to the “divine.” (See William James The Varieties of Religious Experience pg 36-46 in the Modern Library edition).

    Compare this to refusing to refusing service to queer couples; an act that is judgmental, narrowing and negative.

    Which of these is an honest expression of religious thought? A thousand years of theological and psychological thought are on the side of the lady from Cincinnati.

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