Dallas Morning Show Host Amy Kushnir Objects To Gay Kiss, Fine With Male Strippers On TV

Amy Kushnir and strippers

Just the other day the internet exploded with the story of KTXD's The Broadcast hostess Amy Kushnir throwing a tantrum and walking off the set because of Michael Sam's televised kiss with his boyfriend.

Said Kushnir of the PDA:

When parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong…I don't call it a moment of celebration…It's being pushed in faces.

Kushnir then ran to FOX News to crusade for 'traditional values'.

A televised moment of emotion and tenderness between two men is "wrong" and it's "being pushed in faces" because parents may not "want their children to see this." None of this applies, evidently, to male strippers who not only appeared on her show this past February, but carried her out on to the set.


  1. Lymis says

    Please, that’s some seriously bad production values – you can tell it’s a cheap low budget show. Otherwise, those hot guys would have had someone there to point out they had some trash on their shoulders.

  2. bkmn says

    Just counting the hours until someone comes forward with dirt on her. Whether it be a sex tape or pictures of her at the back of the bus servicing the team, something will surface.

  3. bkmn says

    Just counting the hours until someone comes forward with dirt on her. Whether it be a sex tape or pictures of her at the back of the bus servicing the team, something will surface.

  4. Patrick says

    Another ,and there are plenty, hetero hypocrite. If she doesn’t want to see 2 men kissing turn the channel, you cow. Of course there will be some delicious ,juicy dirty video of Ms.Kushnir doing God knows how many WOMEN!!!! She’s probably a closeted LESBIAN !!!!And she’s a hypocrite: doesn’t want to see men kissing but doesn’t mind male strippers(who usually are gay or bi). What a two faced pig she is.

  5. 1♥ says

    Why does she have to expose her slutty ways to the innocent children that are watching.

    How are parents suppose to explain her whoredom to the children.

  6. Homo Genius says

    again… this station is channel 47…its what used to be no mans land UHF. Any station near it on the dial is in Spanish. No one in the area has heard of this station or this show before the rest of you did. This controversy is a publicity stunt

  7. Matt27 says

    PR, which seems to go wrong again and again. She is confused and sad woman.
    @Jack M, it would be so funny and hot, if those guys would tweet a kissing pic to her and us!

  8. Michael J Keller says

    To the blonde football helmet-wearing female mouse:
    If you don’t like to see two people loving each other, which is absolutely none of your damned Hoosier (in the St. Louis sense – look it up!), then there are three other directions you can look, you f*cking Hoosier!
    People – ANY PEOPLE – are allow to love – and to kiss – whoever they damned well please, and nobody needs anybody’s permission to do so.
    Now, if you will, please – go f*ck herself,.
    (And you had better hope that when the day comes, and you need mercy that the nurse by your bedside – or the first person to arrive at your car crash is not a gay nurse or EMT. You do realize that we just might have the same level of love and compassion for you as you have shown for us – NONE. And we are just as entitled to do so.

    Thank you,
    Michael K Keller

  9. Keith says

    Ooooooh, I get it now!

    PDA is wrong on any account but getting bumped and ground on by a stripper is OK – unless you’re gay.

    Wait, what?

  10. apex says

    Has anyone done any kind of study on why an adult woman would have a problem with gay men or seeing two men kissing? Years ago, I had a 40+ year old female colleague/friend who, before she knew that I was gay, was very vocal about how disturbed that attractive gay men wouldn’t ever be attracted to women. Essentially, she had an issue with it because she thought that for each gay couple, two men were being taken out of circulation for her. Which I suppose is mathematically true. But I don’t even think that she realized how ridiculous that was until I told her.

    I believe that heterosexual homophobic men are the way they are because they want to make a statement to others about how not-gay they are. And often, it’s bogus.

    But I believe that with women, many are neurotic about being seen as sexually attractive to men. And this response is an innate mechanism that has to do with finding a suitable mate. Could it be that homophobic women are bothered that two attractive men are not attracted to them?

    Rather than explaining why gay men and women are the way they are. More effort needs to be spent on why bigots are the way they are. I find it fascinating.

  11. petey says

    Women resent male homosexuality for 3 reasons. One is that it is genuine. Two is that it represents a rejection of women. And three is that it represents male superiority over women.

  12. Mike says

    “More effort needs to be spent on why bigots are the way they are.” Good idea APEX. But go further with it.

    I suggest immediate postmortems be done on each and everyone of them, whether they are presently deceased or not!

    Have never done anyone bodily harm but I want to do it.
    PLEASE let me do it!

  13. mike says

    Chippendales Dancers = “traditional values”…just like pole dancers and strippers = tradional values (which is why they have strip clubs along the highway in the South, right behind the Waffles House)

  14. J. R. says

    I read on another site that Amy Kushnir may be the daughter of Rev. Robert Tilton, who was so VERY famous 20 years ago. Maybe she would like to talk about growing up with such a famous dad!!!

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