1. DavidR says

    Thanks for the heads up. It’s sad when you see someone so conflicted and damaged by those around them.

    Suggested edit: “Anti-LGBT prejudice”

  2. Arrow says

    How we neglect the “heartland.” Huff Post exists in one of Arianna’s famous naps. She is a million miles away–and her readers heads are hopelessly too far up their Lib asses — smug and clueless, about the true consequences of her endorsements. Now witness what happened to this unfortunate… Nothing like a good tragic documentary to prove a point. An editor’s dream. Let the “dialogue”
    save them all!!

  3. anon says

    I guess we can call this “issue hijacking”, where the political agenda trumps the actual facts. Teens don’t kill themselves because they are “upset”. Severe depression is a mental illness that has few outward symptoms and not many treatments at this point (though diet and exercise seem to work as well as the medications currently available). If you want to find out more about the problems of teen mental illness, you can volunteer at one of the many suicide prevention counseling centers or prevention hotlines. The training you get will be medical, not political.

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