French Lesbian Abducted By Fundamentalist Anti-Gay Family

Strasbourg to Vieuzos

An unnamed 22-year-old woman fled her devout Muslim family in Strasbourg, France to live with a friend in Vieuzos in order to escape the constant persecution and abuse by said family for being a lesbian and attempts to force her into an arranged marriage. However, her family was unwilling to let her go, so her mother, father, two uncles, brother-in-law and brother – who was armed – tracked her down across the country to try to drag her back home.

During the abduction the woman's friend called the police, and her family was apprehended that night in Toulouse. Four of the relatives are in custody, while another two are free and under judicial supervision. Prosecutor Jean-Christophe Muller says that the case is complicated, but took place in a "backdrop of homophobia and anti-feminism."