French Lesbian Abducted By Fundamentalist Anti-Gay Family

Strasbourg to Vieuzos

An unnamed 22-year-old woman fled her devout Muslim family in Strasbourg, France to live with a friend in Vieuzos in order to escape the constant persecution and abuse by said family for being a lesbian and attempts to force her into an arranged marriage. However, her family was unwilling to let her go, so her mother, father, two uncles, brother-in-law and brother – who was armed – tracked her down across the country to try to drag her back home.

During the abduction the woman's friend called the police, and her family was apprehended that night in Toulouse. Four of the relatives are in custody, while another two are free and under judicial supervision. Prosecutor Jean-Christophe Muller says that the case is complicated, but took place in a "backdrop of homophobia and anti-feminism."


  1. SpaceCadet says

    Thank god she was rescued! I was afraid they were going to get away with it or harm would come to the young woman. Scary to think they can’t let their grown daughter just be. They are more concerned with their antiquated family honor.

  2. Bill says

    @Pandion @ludovico : the article claimed her family had no idea she is a lesbian (guess they were in denial or just plain dense). It is not clear if this is a religious thing or a Turkish cultural thing (rural Turkey, not so much Istanbul) where a daughter was expected to be more or less locked up until marriage. Just like they used to do in Europe in the Middle Ages, where in wealthy families, women were married off for strategic reasons, a custom brilliantly ridiculed by Rossini in The Barber of Seville.

    I hope the judge will handle this one appropriately and meets out the maximum sentence allowed by French law as a warning to others who want to import customs that have no place in a Western country in this century.

  3. SpaceCadet says

    @Pandion, so you’re saying that Europe should deny Muslims immigration solely on the basis of their religion? Way to show tolerance. Let’s starting banning people before they commit a crime because that surely makes a lot of sense.

  4. Gary Bebout says

    I spent a night in Toulouse. in a tent with my boyfriend Michael, when we were biking across the south of France. Brings back memories. We took a train from Paris south, and began our trek to Cannes on loaded ten speeds. Free as a bird gays in 1979.

  5. emjayay says

    Given a lot of Catholics and Muslims, France may be more homophobic than some countries but they managed to pass gay marriage.

    This is just the extreme patriarchal medieval Middle Eastern/Muslim mindset at work. Men own women, and within the family they really really own them. (No not all, but rather obviously no comparison with other cultures.)

  6. Brian1 says


    Yes, but he’s also actually Jason/Rick. This many-named person writes the exact same thing every time a country outside the US is involved, “(x foreign country) is actually quite homophobic.”

  7. Pandion says


    YES! No more crazed fanatics, please. Intolerance is the only thing not to be tolerated. Either ban the immigration from certain countries altogether or make it conditional to a basic cultural test, to check whether the prospective immigrant is capable of living non-violently in the modern world.

    If Islam were not a “religion” but considered a political ideology, like fascism, it’d be already banned everywhere in the West. If it were a religion practised by only a handful of people, it would also be banned already because of its obvious incompatibility with liberal democracy.

    It is just our ambiguous, inconsistent, and irrational attitude towards all things religious that allows it to spread unchecked.

  8. Regan DuCasse says

    Any men or people that bring their archaic, human and civil rights violating customs to more progressive countries deserve to be deported.
    A Pakistani man is on trial in NYC for beating his wife to death because she served him lentils instead of the expected lamb. She’d been the victim of violence for a long time.
    He and his defense attorney are actually arguing now, that he didn’t know it was a crime to beat your wife!
    The scene was extraordinarily bloody and the woman’s body was horrifically bruised and damaged.

    Immigrants are moving to countries where there ARE Constitutions, human and civil rights laws AGAINST this kind of behavior. If they don’t know the laws and customs to their adopted countries or defy them, that’s their idea of disrespecting where they are and they don’t deserve to be there.
    But playing stupid to avoid accountability is bad enough, even worse for said adoptive country to indulge it as if it’s just s simple slip of information.
    Rather than the brutality of misogyny itself.

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