Gov. Deval Patrick and Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Named Boston’s 2014 Pride Parade Grand Marshals

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Boston Pride has announced that Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, along with drag activist troup Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, will serve as Grand Marshals for the upcoming 2014 Pride Parade.

The Rainbow Times reports:

“We are excited to announce Governor Deval Patrick as a Grand Marshal this year as it will be his last year in the Governor’s office.  We are honored to have him as Grand Marshal to celebrate his accomplishments and thank him for his unwavering support of the LGBT community,” said Boston Pride President Sylvain Bruni. “Also, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence have had a significant impact as a charitable organization in the LGBT community with their activism for LGBT and human rights. With their work, both Marshals have embodied the Pride’s mission of inclusion and diversity, and we are grateful to have them as part of our celebration.”

Boston Pride Week 2014 will be held from June 6th through June 15th. This year’s theme is “Be Yourself, Change the World.”

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  1. Rick says

    Another Pride parade that will portray gay men as a bunch of gender-confused freaks.


    Thank goodness most people–both gay and straight–nowadays just ignore these freak shows for the pathetic displays of mental illness that they have become.

  2. says


    As Pride celebrations are about being who we are, in the way we choose to be, without caring what a hateful bigot would think, this is of course utterly perfect.

    Only a completely closeted coward with no testicles and no spine would have a problem with this.

    What pride does is empower you to be who you are, in any way you choose to celebrate who you are, and not give a white what the idiots of the world may choose to think or say. Which is why the gay men who avoid pride and denigrate it are always the least-empowered males in our communities.

    Every time a gay man denigrates pride what he’s really saying is “I never learned how to stand up to my anti-gay family” – which is sad, as a great many people who *do* march in the parades came from similarly hateful and bigoted families. They, however, found a proactive way to rise about the circumstances of their home life – and represent who they are.

    Ever marched? the people on the sidelines cheering and shouting love at you – its’ amazing. hours of unconditional love from complete strangers, cheering you on. When you march, it really changes you. Some of you haters should try it. It might be the thing that finally makes you stop hating being gay so very much.


  3. Gary Bebout says

    My gay marches were fist in the air, more militant events – strong chants–and big shock value for the side liners. Kiwi overstates what I find to be a dated and embarrassing spectacle today. It has evolved into a more “who cares?” event. He lingers on the “hate yourself for being gay” cliche. If you’ve never marched you might, but it’s Kiwi’s self-righteous tone I find so amusing. He said he knew of my brother, but I never heard a word.

    Duval Patrick is “Obama-Lite.”

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, Kiwi.

    I thought I was going to have to respond to him but you did. Thanks.

    But I can’t help it. He gave me the perfect set up for a punch line when he said:

    “….just ignore these freak shows for the pathetic displays of mental illness that they have become.”

    Yep, that’s way Towleroad visitors should respond to YOUR comments.

  5. Luke says

    The surest sign Deval is not running for higher office. This would be used against him to portray him as an anti-Christian radical bigot if he ran for higher office.

  6. says

    Bebout – someone else’s sense of pride and security in themselves should not be a source of insecurity and shame for YOU.

    it just makes you a petty and sad little man.

    I’m glad you find my self-righteous tone amusing. I’m self-righteous enough to not feel embarrassed because someone else is representing themselves in a way that makes them happy. I’m too arrogant for that type of insecurity – and thank God.

  7. Derrick from Philly says

    And one more thing.

    I used to be into tough “street thug” types (idiot that I was). Now, I’m attracted to educated “nerd” types because I think that Deval Patrick is absolutely sexy–just like the President (Obama-Lite, as Gary said).

    I don’t know. I guess I got old and I’m afraid of tough street thugs now. (I’m not giving up my money for some damn ding dong)

    Yep, I’ll let you young queens deal with the tough street “trade.” Y’all have the energy.

  8. jaker says

    “Only a completely closeted coward with no testicles and no spine would have a problem with this.”

    erm, no kiwi. it’s not that black and white. but thanks again for your insufferable self-righteousness. you never disappoint.

  9. Arrow says

    Kiwi: Believe me there is no shame or insecurity for me. Good for gays who are helped by this. But my generation displayed much more balls about it. That’s the real problem. You were born too late and missed a time that would have better suited your cliche liberal drivel. Thank God we have you now, as a moral compass. I was out there when it really had an impact. Save your “sad” insults, because now I don’t bother to care, but I will always respond.

  10. Viktor M. says

    The “sisters” have helped generate more anti-gay fear and hatred in the world than almost anyone else alive today. Video of their acting out is shown in Catholic countries in Eastern Europe and in Africa and is used to justify severe repression, including the isolation and eradication of gay youth.

    But they don’t care. It feels good to act out and get attention, so they do it. No limits, no cares, no responsibility for anything! There is a term to describe this, and the term is pathological selfishness. If I believed in a hell, I would wish every single person involved with this group to go there.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, for God’s sake. There are some LGBT people who simply have no desire to conform to society’s view of what is “proper” gender role behavior. People who refuse to conform. It’s the same in every ethnic/racial/ethnic/sexual orientation group.

    We AINT interested in being like the majority!!!!

  12. says

    Crazies – as one who marches every year, and sees the smiles and the tears of joy in the faces of the people who line the route, and sees the way that first-time Marching PFLAG parents are utterly changed, for the better, by marching….I stand by my words. :)

    Of course you older guys paved the way – that’s why I continue to do it, even when you’re too tired to :)

    I don’t know what my “cliche liberal drivel” is, though. That sounds like troll-speak for “stop being more empowered than me”, frankly.

    My parents have pics from the pride parade they attended in San Fran in 1978 – (four years before i was conceived). it looked a lot like the parades we have today. :)

    look at Viktor – for example, who blames brave gay people for ignorant anti-gay people’s hatred. Viktor is a coward who lays blame on the wrong people. Many insecure gay men do this.

    rathen than wishing ignorant bigots to hell, he wishes proud defiant openly-gay people to hell. why? because he’s an intellectually-stunted dunce, that’s why.

    And you posted as Arrow because you’re a crazy person who can’t be visible and got confused. Duh.

  13. simon says

    This is called stereotyping. Hitler has used it before to demonize the Jews. The problem was not with the Jews. The problem is with people who are upset about every trivial matter.

  14. says

    AMEN SIMON. Yeah, blame the drag queens, don’t blame the bigoted Catholic leaders who are screaming about gays while raping children, eh?

    their hatred existed before drag queens, and drag queens will outlast their hatred. as it should be :)

  15. StevyD says

    I’ve attended the SF Pride Parade for 25 years. I’ve marched in a few and volunteered for a few also. Yes some were more political than others and some were more for fun.

    The SF Sisters (the originals), were always there, helpful, boisterous, often banal, always righteous, never unsurprising. They have done the work for our community and no one has a better right to parade for their and our pride.

    The right wing has always misinterpreted our message because it suits their evil view. I will never shape my behavior so they can find nothing to misinterpret, to do so would require all of us to hide back in the closet, and that’s the only thing that they want.

  16. Bebout says

    My life is not being gay. I live in Los Angeles America in 2014. There are other world issues that concern me. Your points are understood, as they are often repetitive. You are a valuable cog in the wheel, but I’ve got to get back on the Freeway. :)

  17. says

    AMEN STEVYD! a brother who GETS IT

    and even then, should we all “shape our behavior so they can find nothing to misinterpret”, know what they’d do anyway? move goalposts and make something up!

    heck – they freaked out because a man kissed his boyfriend after making pro sports, and American, history!

    know this – there are no reasons for hateful bigotry, only excuses. excuses are what one gives when they can’t give a legitimate intelligent reason for their feelings. excuses are not to be given weight or worth.

    StevyD, i could kiss you.

  18. Luke says

    I don’t care about how people would perceive the “Sisters.” I myself find their act tired, sacrilegious, stereotypical, profane, and stupid. I wouldn’t want to be associated with them in anyway.

  19. Contrarian says

    I don’t think they want to be associated with wusses like yourself, Luke, who still clutch their pearls of “sacrilege”, while spelling it wrong. Idiot.

  20. Zlick says

    I don’t quite get Viktor’s logic. Should anything that can be used by the craziest edge of humanity to rationalize the violence and hatred in their deformed hearts be avoided by the 99.97% rest of the world? What utter hogwash.

    The Sisters are a great choice for grand marshal. Deval Patrick even more so. I wish (my local) Pride celebrations had more of the oomph of yesteryear – or that I imagine of yesteryear. And I cynically feel too many in my WeHo town see the event as just another excuse to get drunk in the streets.

    With all the Dominoes falling, it’s a fantastic time for Pride celebrations. I hope more than a few here in L.A., there in Massachusetts, and everywhere in between take that to heart this year.

  21. Bebout says

    Hey “Brothers.” If I had known all my 70’s militant “empowerment,” would lead to gay hetero lifestyle replication, I might not have bothered. And who’s the fortunate winner of Kiwi’s approval today?
    He’s our trusty mascot.

  22. Viktor M. says


    Did I say any of that? No.

    What I said was that these guys don’t really care what message they send or what effect it has on other people, including vulnerable people around the world. Even after they have actual knowledge that their outlandish performances are being used to whip up fear and hatred not among a tiny few, but among tens of millions of Russians, Lithuanians, Georgians, Ugandans, and Nigerians, and to hurt others in terrible ways, they don’t care. And it is not like they are saying anything that couldn’t be expressed in a less harmful way.

    But they don’t care. It is more important for them to have fun than to care for others. This is pathological selfishness.

  23. says

    100% Wrong, as usual, Viktor.

    Know what effect it has on people? Empowerment – be who you wanna be, in the way you wanna be it, and dont’ care what haters think. You never got the memo. You’re still being a doormat, screamin “this will make us look bad!” Grow a pair, dude.

    They’re not pathoogically selfish, you’re pathologically cowardly.

    Bigots will find anything to be angry about – stop being such an idiot and realize this. The Sisters aren’t harmful – the anti-gay bigots are harmful, and pathetically you dont’ realize this.

  24. simon says

    Only idiot like you is so gullible. Nothing sacred about organized religions. Thomas Paine has long discovered that in the 18th century. Read his book “The age of reason” if you know how to read.

  25. simon says

    Don’t know which is more of a “sacrilege”?
    The Catholic conferences in many states insulting gay couples by declaring their marriages not “authentic” or someone dressing up as nuns.

  26. Zlick says

    So Viktor, you deny my interpretation of what you said by reiterating my interpretation of what you said? Huh?

    What’s the difference if a drag queen or a 90% naked twink or a full-gear leather daddy “does not care” if their choice in celebrational attire and attitude can be and is being used to rationalize and promote hatred and bigotry half-way around the world? What is the difference if if they don’t care vs. if they purposely don’t feel they need be held hostage by the craziest edge of humankind to behave or dress a certain way?

    There’s no difference whatsoever. The messed up minds of hater crazies with hearts three sizes too small is simply NOT the responsibility of the drag twink daddy or anyone else.

  27. Rick says

    @ZLICK Please. You people take the attitude that ANYTHING should go behaviorally and you go out of your way to alienate people with outlandish behavior. Dressing up like a nun has nothing more to do with homosexuality than parading around in your underpants and a pair of flip-flops in public has to do with heterosexuality.

    Nobody would care what these people did IF they were not trying to DEFINE same-sex attraction as being about over-the-top behavior rather than as just a natural part of life.

    They are not behaving naturally–they are just trying to draw attention to themselves, undoubtedly because their own personal lives are so terribly wretched–and they are harming other gay people in the process.

    If you don’t understand that, then you are living in an alternative universe–or are a childish, immature head case like Little Kiwis, with no career and no sense of responsibility, who gets away with his behavior because he lives behind his Mommy’s skirt and his Daddy’s bank account and does not have to face the real world every day where there are consequences for one’s actions…..

  28. simon says

    The Christians should stop practicing their faith which resulted in a pregnant Christian woman being condemned to death in Sudan.

  29. simon says

    Not sure who is living in an alternative universe. At least governor Duval Patrick is OK with it by appearing together with the sisters. By extension, his supporters should have no problem. In the early Roman Empire, Christians were also looked upon as “unnatural freaks” and thrown to the lions. Rick seems to be arguing for living by the rules established by bigots which by the way are not very numerous in an enlightened state like Mass..

  30. Rick says

    “Rick seems to be arguing for living by the rules established by bigots”

    No, I am arguing for behaving like any other self-respecting and responsible member of society, regardless of sexual orientation.

    You and others like you, on the other hand, are nothing but social anarchists who care less (if at all) about eradicating homophobia than you do about making a spectacle out of yourselves and other GAY people are sick and tired of your nonsense…..even moreso than most heterosexuals are.

    And no business in Boston is going to be any more likely to allow a gender-confused freak to hold a respectable position than a business in Wichita, Kansas or Jackson, Mississippi or Tokyo or Timbuktu.

  31. simon says

    You seem to be confused. These people are not going to their office dressing as nuns. It is just a flcking parade. The only consequence is the impotent rage from people like you.

  32. simon says

    “other GAY people are sick and tired”?
    This group may consist only of Rick and a few other names which Rick used here. I would say it is less than 1% in this forum.

  33. Bebout says

    Kiwi is the anti-bigot bigot. He has more hate for them, than they actually do for anything. But he’s got it all figured out, as he is led away– unjustly of course– to a jail cell today’s Russia.

  34. Zlick says

    Viktor, I’m not sure you’re aware of this, but the Sisters appear at events and in parades and these are COSTUMES, not street-wear. It’s common, in fact, desired that people wear costumes in entertainment situations, such as parades. In this case, the costumes suggest gender-bending and normative-busting, which ARE indicative of elements of gay culture.

  35. Little Twatti says

    I’m sure the governor had no idea he would be paired with these freaks who not only mock women but many of his religious constituents. This is yet another sign that “Pride” events need to go in the trashbin of history.

  36. Zlick says

    Not only are gay people not “sick and tired,” the vast number of straight people who are out there for our gay pride parade and festivities are clearly not sick and tired of it either. Anecdotally, in fact, most which the parade were MORE racy and outrageous than it is!

  37. Zlick says

    Yes, I’m sure Deval Patrick is so clueless he’ll be shocked to find Drag Queens at the Gay Pride Parade. And, um, newsflash: The various Grand Marshals of parades do not ride in the same car or march in the same unit together.

  38. simon says

    Are you serious? A governor has no idea a gay parade will have cross-dressers and nuns in it. You think he is that naive and yet holds the highest office in a state.

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