Great Things Happen When Researchers Mix HIV With Soy Sauce Molecules

SoyResearchers at the University of Missouri have begun using EFdA — a flavor-enhancing molecule discovered by a Japanese soy sauce company in 2001 — to develop non-resistant HIV medication.

According to researcher Stefan Sarafianos, "Patients who are treated for HIV infections with (the drug) Tenofovir, eventually develop resistance to the drugs that prevent an effective or successful defense against the virus. EFdA, the molecule we are studying, is less likely to cause resistance in HIV patients because it is more readily activated and is less quickly broken down by the body as similar existing drugs.”

Business-Standard explains:

EFdA, along with eight existing HIV drugs, is part of the class of compounds called nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs).

NRTIs 'hijack' the HIV replicating process by 'tricking' building blocks inside the virus. Since EFdA appears similar to those building blocks, the virus is misled into using the imposter, which prevents HIV replication and halts the spread of the virus.

So far tests with EFdA has tested well on using human immunodeficiency viruses that have become resistant to Tenofovir as well as on non-drug-resistant forms of HIV.


  1. Troy says

    And every few months another crazy med treatment is screamed out as the be all end all and everybody’s supposed to applaud and go oh wow. Then the silence major crickets until another few months and they find the dust from jelly beans can also can cure…que the applause..,

  2. Buckie says

    Wait a minute, I thought that it’s irresponsible to be sexually active and not be taking Tenofovir every day…

    But in this article they talk about drug resistant HIV BECAUSE of Tenofovir…

    Why is it that people who act like they know anything about HIV always end up looking like morons, including the specialists ?

    I wonder why.

  3. Bill says

    @Buckie: using Tenofovir for prevention is not medically the same as using it every day to control an infection. When used preventively, each time the drug does anything, it is with a new collection of viruses so you don’t have to wipe out very many to stop an infection from getting started. When used to control an established infection, the virus has time to adapt to the drug, albeit very slowly since the virus is being mostly prevented from reproducing itself.

    Even if medication is used for prevention, you should still use a condom. In general, if you have two independent measures that improve your chances by a factor of 100 each, using both improves your chances by a factor of 10,000.

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