1. David From Canada says

    “Arnt’t they extinct?” Jimmy Kimmel does some good stuff.
    I like watching the old Godzilla movies on T.V. The Japanese speaking people in Tokyo are dubbed speaking English and it’s wildly out of sync with the words they’re saying. Good for a laugh!

  2. Hansel Currywurst says

    Gay man Raymond Burr (who went on to star as television’s Perry Mason and Ironside) was in the American cut of the Japanese original in the role of an American journalist.

  3. Bill says

    @David From Canada : its not out of sync if you watch the original Godzilla movie instead of the American version. The original was a far better movie.

    Read to see why (and some of the history for the original film,)

    They sanitized it for an American audience, hence all the scenes with Raymond Burr as a radio announcer – the undertones in the original were too hot to handle politically at the time so a lot of scenes were cut.

  4. Rafael says

    I don’t think the folks interviewed here are stupid. For me, there are two (somewhat sinister) take-aways from this:

    (1) The media’s power to influence. People, perhaps especially young, minority people, and liable to believe or at least not-contest claims made by a white, educated professional trailed by the videocamera and microphone of a well-known media outlet.

    (2) Education systems in the USA are lacking. Remember that all people are born ignorant, and it is through education and experience that this original ignorance is replaced with knowledge .

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    Yes, the lady at the end was adorable.

    I’ve always known that Godzilla wasn’t real, but I’ve wanted to meet King Kong for years. I’ve had a crush on sexy Kong for over 50 years.


    The mixture of ignorance and retardation makes it too hurtful to even laugh.
    The worst part is even if you had given some education to these morons, they would simply repeat things they were induced to say by memory, their brains unable to stop and think for themselves.

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