1. Marc says

    I find it hilarious that all these republicans are upset when capitalism doesn’t work in their favor.
    Poor, ignorant and bigoted Xtian morons. America doesn’t want to buy what you are selling. So piss off. That’s how capitalism works.

  2. Bob K says

    Video of the entire commencement ceremony is AFTER THE JUMP. Jindal comes in shortly after the 2 hour and 5 minute mark.


  3. CPT_Doom says

    Actually “Bobby” the dear men you were defending have referred to gay people as “evil” and tried to prevent LGBT from utilizing their Constitutional right to peaceably assemble. Would you be OK if HGTV wanted to back a show by individuals who claimed Southeast Asian immigrants are driven by Satan to destroy America? Oh, wait, if it could get you the GOP nomination you probably would. Never mind.

  4. jim says

    Two HOURS? That’s kind of stealing the thunder from those whose day it was supposed to be. I think I would’ve slit my wrists at about the 45 minute mark. How odd that the Bigot Twins were there, and in the front row? But then I guess Liberty U doesn’t have too many almost-mainstream TV stars among its alum.

  5. Jason MacBride says

    The followers of the baby jeebus have been persecuting people since the crusades. Their victim clothes do not fit them very well.

  6. Jere says

    This is EXACTLY why LGBT people and minorities need to VOTE in every single election that is held! Even the mid-term elections! If you don’t vote then these right wing nut jobs get elected. VOTE, people, VOTE!

  7. Chrislam says

    Ironic – bigots whining about being “persecuted”. The Benham twins are free to practice their religious beliefs but HGTV doesn’t support bigotry. Get over it. Go to Fox News Network.

  8. pete n sfo says

    Well, the man may not be sophisticated, but he sure knows how to play to his audience seemingly cut from the same cloth.

    Religions aren’t under prosecution, just their prosecuting ways. 😉

  9. John B. says

    Idiots like this would have a bit more credibility if they also spoke out against the people on their own side who keep calling for the boycott of businesses that are gay-supportive. NOM & Starbucks, anyone??? And gee, wasn’t somebody just recently calling for a boycott of whatever NFL team drafted Michael Sam?

  10. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    Liberty “University” has been running commercials on local TV in South Florida promoting their programs for mail-in diplomas…. a sure sign of a quality education.

  11. gregorybrown says

    Liberty University has been keeping some odd bedfellows over the years. Glenn Beck appeared there lately to expose the sheltered students to some misleading “history” and sanitized Mormon doctrines. Look at Warren Throckmorton’s informative and balanced blog concerning LU’s intimate relations with Sun Myung Moon, Benny Hinn and other “Xtian” luminaries. At least Jerry Falwell tried to keep the hate factory orthodox Southern Baptist.

  12. Tarc says

    HGTV dodged a bullet of total crazycakes and corporate embarrassment. Good for the network! As pretty as the Brainwash Twins are, they’re still dead-brained and Christian mind-washed to perfection.

  13. TM in LBC says

    Jindal is a self-loathing freak, so he fits in with the Repubs very well. He self-admittedly changed his name and religion to emulate Bobby Brady. I hope that is enough to keep him at the state level, as one of the Republican people of color.

  14. john patrick says

    Were the Benham brothers in the front row because they were just graduating? Or were they there because they were getting an honorary doctorate in martyrdom?

  15. Bernie says

    I don’t understand what these right wing nut jobs are complaining about! These brothers expressed their views and the public reaction to those views was negative and HGTV made a business decision…no one stopped these brothers from expressing their views…..The Christian right uses the same tactics when they don’t like something…ie; Frozen was protested, etc.

  16. says

    Republicans are starting to realize the rest of us will no longer put up with their bigotry and it has gotten them really worried. So what do they do? Start changing their ways? Aw, hell no. They do what all spoiled, little brats do; throw a tantrum! Pathetic. #kingjoffrey

  17. GregV says

    The true test of whether you are legitimately arguing for “freedom” or from a place of hypocrisy is whether you stand up for the same freedoms for those who DON’T share your prejudices and even for those who are prejudiced against YOU.
    The difference between liberal groups like the ACLU and the right-wing “defense funds” is that the former fight for exactly the same freedoms for those with whom they agree and with whom they disagree.
    The twins did not lose the show because they protested Democrats instead of Republicans or because thry are against abortion ; thet is just hogwash. And does anyone really think Bobby Jindal would be arguing for the twins if they had lost a prospective show after saying that immigrants from India are demonic and destroyers of all that is good in America and had campaigned to take away a brown man’s right to basic rights for his family? Of course he wouldn’t. And of course, HGTV would not have offered them a show regardless of whether they were Democrats or Republicans.

  18. simon says

    This speech serves as a sober reminder that the students have made a lousy choice. “Liberty University” on your resume is not most employers are looking for. They are just limiting their choice of a future career.

  19. Jeremy says

    A network has every right to distance itself from polarizing views. It’s in their best interest and it’s them practice THEIR freedom of speech.

  20. Gio says

    Christians…GET OVER YOURSELVES. You’re NOT entitled to a show! Any show. No one is ENTITLED to having a show. There’s hundreds of thousands of people who want their own show, and millions of reasons a network can choose not to give it to them. That’s called LIFE.

  21. SummerTime5 says

    Don’t want to face backlash for saying bigoted remarks? simple solution, don’t say bigoted remarks. The vocal Christian conservative minority won’t win these battles. They are losing each one, and major corporations realize the importance of not aligning with ignorant individuals.

  22. J.R.C says

    As an Indian American, Bobby is a joke to me. He changed his name and has this FAKE adopted accent. He’s so damn self hating. People in most parts of India are not proud of him. They call him a sell out. Trust me. His accent is also really fake. Annoying as hell.

  23. JEFF YORK says

    Was his 15 minutes up? Did he need a recharge on it? He would need to acquire about 50 more IQ points to make it up to the ‘stupid’ level.

  24. ChallengeChristians says

    Christians are so embarrassingly behind the times. They never even caught up to “acceptance” or even “embracing”. They’re stuck on “tolerance”, something they can’t even do. Ironically they only seem to get it when they want others to be tolerant of their intolerance, which short-circuits the whole point of what “tolerance” was supposed to be about in the first place.

    Eventually the collective consciousness figured out the problems with “tolerance”, as in “We the superior dominant culture of heterosexuals are being so kind as to tolerate you lowly inferior sub-culture homosexuals”. Christians never got that memo; well actually they did but chose to ignore it, and never understood that gays have moved on and want more than just “tolerance”. They’re still going on and on, saying that we’re intolerant of them when we say we don’t like that they call us a collective demonic force trying to destroy the earth in the name of the devil.

  25. Brian says

    Gov. Jindal is running true to form. One of his first acts in office was to rescind the executive order of his predecessor which forbade discrimination against Louisiana state employees. He is a real piece of work.

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