Maggie Gallagher: Opponents of Gay Marriage Are In a State of ‘Shock’


In a new blog post for the American Principles Project, NOM founder Maggie Gallagher claims that opponents of same-sex marriage “are in shock, they are awed by the powers now shutting down the debate and by our ineffectualness at responding to those developments.”

Gallagher's post, aimed at Christians struggling with the idea of a post-marriage equality America, is broken into a discussion of three current events, saying each highlights “one feature of the challenges before us, and what we need to build to respond.”

On Charles Cooper, the Proposition 8 attorney who recently revealed his views on gay marriage have evolved and is now planning his lesbian daughter’s wedding:

Chuck cooperAnd here is the thing I take away, and what I want you to take away, from the Charles Cooper story: Whatever we do, and whatever we say, we have to be willing to say it, as if to a beloved child of our own family, coming to us with a loving gay marriage.

There is no line we can draw that pushes gay people “outside” and leaves us free “inside” to be angry, foot-stomping, and morally “pure.”

We are all tangled up in Love with sin, our own and that of those we love.

Brendan eichOn the controversial resignation of Brendan Eich as CEO of Mozilla for his pro-Proposition 8 donation back in 2008:

We live in an America in which standing up for Biblical morality (or its common sense moral analog) puts your employment in jeopardy.  How will we respond to the fear this inspires?

Will we recognize we are a subculture now facing a dominant culture and build subculture strategies?  These include building networks to get our story out, to get the “face of the victim” in front of power?  For without a community that appears to care, very few individuals will find the courage to stand.

On the demise of Arizona's bill that would allow businessess to discriminate against gays: 

Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 11.21.28 AMFirst [gay activists] defined the bill as an antigay pro-discrimination measure.  Then they got credible GOP leaders to validate this framing—John McCain and Mitt Romney.

They did this in a matter of hours.  I doubt either McCain or Romney got a thoughtful analysis of the legislation and its meaning.  They got they did not want to be “antigay” and they got props for being on the right side of history.  And it was enough.

Let us not turn our eyes from what this means:  by their capacity to use the mainstream media to define what an issue “means”—progressives got the conservative movement to fold with credible and major GOP figures.

The post is well worth a read. Check it out HERE.