Mike Huckabee Launches Campaign Against Houston’s Proposed LGBT Non-Discrimination Ordinance


Mike Huckabee is launching an attack on Houston Mayor Annise Parker’s proposed non-discrimination ordinance protecting the city’s public and private employees from discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender identity, with Huckabee making the baseless assertion that the proposal is “unsafe for women and children.”

Wrote Huckabee on Facebook:

“Contact, either by email or phone, every council member and the mayor, no matter where you live in Houston or in the greater metropolitan area. Respectfully state that voting for this ordinance will take away your rights to live what you believe, will be unsafe for women and children, will adversely impact local businesses, will clog our courts, and will unnecessarily spend our tax dollars. Tell them as an elected representative of the people, you expect them to vote Against This Ordinance.”

And with the ordinance set to receive a vote by the city council today, Huckabee is also planning a rally and press conference outside city hall at noon so that council members pay attention to those who “believe in God’s definition of human sexuality…male and female, and believe in common moral decency.”

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  1. john patrick says

    I read that he lives in Florida now. But that doesn’t stop him from butting into everyone else’s business with his baloney.

    At any rate, I’m wondering what that is that he is wearing on his head. Looks like feathers coming out of one side, and a crown of stars coming out of the other.

  2. 1♥ says

    RE:”this ordinance will take away your rights to live what you believe”

    So what he is saying is that it will take away his followers right to be a bigot.

    Typical right wing thinking.

  3. TKinSC says

    He needs to cut out the bread when he eats his squirrel and mutton stew. And mind his own business. He’s not relevant. These ordinances are not new. Get a clue.

  4. Hey Darlin' says

    Offering equality to those who deserve it will not make the world unsafe for women and children nor any of the other unfounded claims he seeks to make.

    In fact, there are a great number of LGBT women and who knows how many LGBT children and children of LGBT parents, who will only BENEFIT from equality. Won’t someone think of these children!

  5. Piet says

    Grifter needs to go back to Florida and grift there. Or return to Arkinsaw and see about grifting around the current court cases re marriage equality. Every bit of his argument against the legislation is a lie — and he should know there’s a price to pay for bearing false witness.

  6. james street james says

    Hasn’t anyone told him his 15 minutes are up?

    “Hey, Huck, call Santorum. See if you can decide which one of you will be on the top.”

    Indignantly, “I don’t do that gay stuff.”

    “On the Republican ticket. What are you talking about?”

  7. michael says

    If your idea of family values is raising a son who gets off on torturing and killing animals, and then intimidating the police so they won’t press charges, then maybe you have the wrong set of values.

  8. Dork Dynasty says

    Why isn’t Gov. Pigfukker protesting the proposed law in Iraq that would allow young girls to be married (sold) as early as the age of 9? Does he support this as a form of Traditional Marriage? Or does he see it as weakening one of the foundations of society?

    Why are the Fundamentalist Evangelicals silent on this issue? Think of the children!

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