More Than 102 Transgender People Have Been Murdered This Year


The one-month old Trans* Violence Tracking Portal — a site that compiles media and user-reported data to quantify the monthly instances of physical attacks on transgender people — reports that at least 102 trans people have been murdered in 2014.

The specific instances of shooting, dismembering and lethal beatings are ghastly:

Of the 102 murders, 36 persons were shot multiple times, 14 stabbed multiple times, 11 were beaten to death, 3 were burned to death, 3 dismembered/mutilated, and 2 were tortured, 2 were strangled, 1 was hanged, 1 had her throat cut and 1 was stoned to death.

As the portal only has information from 14 countries, and because many attacks on transgender people never make it into media or police reports, the numbers are likely far greater than the portal’s verified count.

According to the portal, “data is verified based on news media and published information as well as substantiated individual reporting. The project will also be reaching out to police departments worldwide to get current case standings.”