NOM Steps Up Aggression Toward Oregon Attorney General’s Refusal to Defend Gay Marriage Ban

The National Organization for Marriage has responded to Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum’s brief urging U.S. District Judge Michael McShane to reject the organization’s attempts to intervene in a case challenging the state's ban on gay marriage.

The Oregonian reports:

RosenblumNOM, which has fought same-sex marriage laws around the country, on Friday rejected legal arguments made by Rosenblum [pictured] and the plaintiffs arguing that the group shouldn't be allowed to intervene.  Rosenblum charged the group filed unreasonably late in the case and doesn't have standing to substitute its judgment for the "chief law officer's conclusions."

The NOM brief said that while Rosenblum made clear on Feb. 20 that she wouldn't defend the law, it wasn't until March 18 "that the full depth of her dereliction of duty became apparent."

That's when Rosenblum said in a brief that McShane should apply a tough "heightened scrutiny" standard, used in cases involving fundamental rights, to passing judgment on Oregon's same-sex marriage ban, NOM said.  The organization also charged that Rosenblum "disparagingly characterized Oregon's citizens who voted in favor of Oregon's marriage amendment" when she said those voters wanted to "to enshrine in the state constitution a belief that same-sex couples are disfavored."

The paper adds:

The marriage group is seeking to intervene on behalf of NOM members who are a county clerk in Oregon, people involved in the wedding business and voters who approved Measure 36. In each case, though, NOM said it was unsuccessful in getting anyone to publicly attach their name to NOM's legal action because they feared reprisals.  Even though these NOM members remain anonymous, the group insisted it has the right to intervene on behalf of them.

McShane will hold oral arguments on Wednesday to discuss whether NOM should be allowed to intervene in the case to defend the state's constitutional provision against same-sex marriage - approved by voters back in 2004.


  1. Jo says

    Hey NOM donors: If you’re so adamant and proud of your opinion then put your name to it!

  2. woodroad34 says

    I wasn’t aware that any government entity had any obligation to participate in a fight of personal ideology. The AG has the purview to realize what is worth fighting for and winning, not NOM. If NOM doesn’t like it– really it’s just tuff sh*t. Take your personal quagmire of muddy morality and shove it up the hole it came out of.

  3. simon says

    Why not add God on the list who obviously can’t speak for himself? Don’t understand why the judge entertain this kind of stupidity. He should have rejected it outright without wasting tax payers’ money.

  4. woodroad34 says

    Oh, and btw, the AG was voted for the position by the same people who put the anti-gay marriage on the books. I think someone had a change of mind when they voted for Rosenblum and those same voters seem to not like NOM any longer. NOM is the “Ugly girl at the dance”….again.

  5. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Why does the paper refer to them as a “marriage group” when they are an anti-marriage group? The only reason they exist is to stop people from getting married. It’s like saying an anti-choice group is a choice group.

  6. woody says

    can’t get anyone to sign their name?
    the judge would really have to bend over backwards to accommodate NOM on this one. really, how differential to these anti-equality groups can the judiciary be without making a mockery of the courts.

  7. says

    I like that Ellen Rosenblum. If there was an Oregon Person of the Year I would vote for her.

    P.S. on the bottom of my Towleroad page right now is an add for “Play Bible Trivia!”

  8. john patrick says

    Nice try, NOM. Come up with the names of real people. Otherwise, we can only assume your people are figments of your lies. LGBT people have been giving our names in all these court cases suing for equality. But your people are either cowards, or more probably non-existent.

  9. Ptrick says

    To NOM and other anti groups: GO away. You people are leftovers from the dark ages and NO one cares about your slimy,sleazy beliefs anymore.