Prominent Chefs to Host Big Gay Mississippi Welcome Table in NYC to Protest Anti-gay Law


Next month, a group of prominent chefs will put together a dinner called the Big Gay Mississippi Welcome Table in New York City to protest Mississippi’s new law allowing businesses in the state to turn away LGBT people as an “exercise of religion.”

Eater reports:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 11.56.02 AMThe dinner will take place on June 13, on the eve of the 35th Annual Mississippi Picnic in Central Park. Chef Art Smith (above) tells the NYT, "It's polite Southern activism with food, which is a magic way to bring people together." The chefs have paired up with Manhattan's City Grit, and according to its website, the dinner will feature a "unique menu of traditional – yet progressive, modern and open-minded – southern fare."

Proceeds of the dinner will go to gay and lesbian groups on college campuses in Mississippi.

Mississippi governor Phil Bryant, who signed the anti-gay law last month, has been invited to the dinner but has not agreed to attend. 

For more information and to purchase tickets, click HERE

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  1. RayJacksonMs says

    I hope New Yorks is going to put on a real protest. Only about 3,000 people attend this event each year. If you could double that number or better yet get 10,000 to show up and chant down with segregationist down with Phil Bryant it sure would make an impact when the protesters out number the attendees.

  2. Elsewhere1010 says

    Please invite Alexandra Guarnaschelli to come and cook for the event in the park; the governor is being wined and dined at her restaurant Butter in NYC along with the Mississippi Redevelopment Committee.

    A buck is a buck and I don’t blame Alex because some bigots are hosting a banquet, but she better get her PR team moving before it all hits the fan.

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