1. Hey Darlin' says

    We must remain aware of verbiage as we seek the equality we are entitled to. The opposition is constantly scanning exact phrasing in these cases to use it to their advantage to maintain inequality. There seems to always be a bit of wiggle room left for the opposition, just in case they might like it.

  2. Samwell says

    Maybe I am missing something, but after the book controversy and this, I’m completely confused about Griffin’s role in the fight for marriage equality. When I think of the LGBT orgs that have led the charge, I think more of AFER, ACLU, Lambda Legal, GLAD. I do not think of HRC. What exactly has been HRC’s role – legally, financially, otherwise – in the fight for marriage equality. As someone who isn’t very interested in crowning a king of the prom here, I don’t follow much about the individuals involved. I would just offer my observation that a book claiming otherwise does not mean in my mind when I think of the fight for equality, I ever think of HRC or Griffin.

  3. Samwell says

    BOBN, yes I am aware of his position at HRC. That was sort of the question. What exactly has he (both at HRC and before) and HRC itself done? “has done a lot” is not an answer to that question.

  4. Samwell says

    And I mean to position that question as in comparison to the other organizations I mentioned above who devoted time, money, etc. to the actual legal battles. In comparison to that, what has HRC done?

  5. I Don't Suffer Fools, I Make Fools Suffer says

    @Samwell: If you’re aware of what AFER is, then how can’t you be aware that Griffin, Black et al raised the millions of dollars it took for them to bring their lawsuit? Pinche troll.

  6. Michael Bedwell says

    CORRECTION: isn’t the person in the third photo misidentified? “Forcing the Spring” author Jo Becker would have the captions read:

    “Rosa Parks is on hand” and “‘Today wedding bells are ringing in the great state of Arkansas’. – Rosa Parks at Pulaski co courthouse.”

  7. Samwell says

    @I DON’T SUFFER FOOLS: Right, but HRC, what did it do? Did it give money to AFER or the other orgs to pay the bills? I understand Griffin’s role from his time at AFER. It is just strange to me that people want to associate/credit HRC with a lot more than they probably should be credited for. I’ll give Griffin his due for AFER’s work, but don’t think because he is now in charge of HRC that somehow they should be lauded for much. And I’ll frankly give credit to GLAD, Roberta Kaplan and the ACLU for actually giving us something to work with legally speaking.

    The biggest mistake made with AFER was not getting Boies Schiller to do this pro bono.

  8. SpaceCadet says

    Simply wonderful! This shows the bible-belt South that yes, there are thousands of gays that live among you and all we want is equality and the pursuit of happiness. The more they see these happy celebrations, the more it will sink into their skulls. Kudos to Pulaski County for taking the lead and not coming up with lame excuses to delay granting marriage licenses.

  9. says

    @SamWell: HRC likes to have its fingers in every pie, sometimes legitimately, sometimes less so. They’re more of an umbrella organization, involved in messaging and lobbying (and fundraising), not on the legal front lines.

    Chad Griffin is from Arkansas so it does make sense that he would be back in his native state for this milestone. And he’s not about to hide his HRC position while he’s there. It’s his job, regardless of their involvement–or lack thereof–in individual marriage cases.

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