Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) to Speak at NOM’s Anti-gay ‘March for Marriage’ Rally in D.C.

Tim_HuelskampRepresentative Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) has become the first member of Congress to sign up to speak at the National Organization for Marriage’s 'March for Marriage' next month in Washington D.C. – a rally that bills itself as "an essential and indispensable vehicle for voicing the values of pro-marriage Americans in a way that cuts through the biased media narrative"

Huelskamp, you may recall, blasted last summer’s Supreme Court DOMA ruling as an attack on Jesus Christ and harmful to children. He also reintroduced the Federal Marriage Amendment last year, which (if passed) would constitutionally ban same-sex marriage nationwide.

Other speakers at the hate rally include Mike Huckabee, NY state senator Ruben Diaz, Gary Bauer, and Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. 

[via Good As You]


  1. Craig says

    “Pro-marriage Americans?” I thought we were the “pro-marriage” side and they’re against it. How can we be loosing the battle of semantics?

  2. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I wish that especially LGBT news sources would start referring to this group for what it is: it’s not anti-gay, it’s anti-marriage.

    They want to prevent American citizens from getting married. THAT’S the story here. Don’t help them with their own propaganda.

  3. james street james says

    …and we all know what a big fan of marriage Jesus was. Went to a wedding with his mom and pulled focus from the bride with his water into wine trick…

    The married couples’ families were overheard saying “Never invite a prophet to a wedding.”

  4. sparklekittens says

    I hope you Towleroad reporters are there to cover the “March for Marriage”. I look forward to photos of a pathetically small gathering of perhaps a few hundred insane people. And, real photos of the numbers in attendance, not NOM’s usual Photohopped to add thousands bullsh!t. Go expose NOM’s lies!!!

  5. simon says

    This guy is hardly a heavyweight in the GOP party. His amendment is going nowhere. Many may have rejected their invitation. This is the best they can get.

  6. Robert M. says

    Let them have their little rally. The louder they squeal and spew their hatred, the faster marriage equality comes to America. They’ve already lost, they just can’t bring themselves to admit it…

  7. arg says

    Craig, hon…..PLEASE learn the difference between the words “loose,” and “lose.” It’s difficult to take your comments seriously.

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