1. steve talbert says

    Brava AND. Bravo

    Hope they make a James bond movie titled. Phoenix Rising..just so they can use the song for the credits.

  2. dbearhugnc says

    Oh, they of short memories. Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko, better known by the drag persona Verka Serduchka, won second place in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest.

    I don’t recall quite the reaction from the former Soviet bloc at that time. Granted, the representation was from Ukraine, but high camp nonetheless. Bozhe moi!

  3. booka says

    Did anyone expect anything less? Russia, per usual is 50 years behind the rest of the world. The stench of it’s corrupt thug led government, backwards social bigotry, lack of acceptance, and aggressive posture fouls the hope of a better future, the rest of us are striving for. Hate to say it, but that old generation, now in power, needs to just die off.

  4. John says

    Popular Russian rapper Timati also attacked Wurst with his own disgusting remarks calling her win a “mental illness of contemporary society…I wouldn’t like one fine day to have to explain to my child why two guys are kissing or a woman is walking round with a dyed beard and that’s supposed to be normal.”

    What a hypocrite!

    Leviticus 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD.

    Oops, guess he’s heading to hell with the rest of us. All those tattoos! How are we supposed to explain him to our kids? Many, even today, would consider him a freak. Especially in many conservative circles.
    I don’t know his music, but, like most rap, I doubt it’s wholesome.

    BTW, I don’t have a problem with tattoos, I’m playing devils advocate. Actually, I think he’s kinda hot I’m sorry to say.

  5. Charles says

    I’m surprised the Russians are so offended. Most Russian women have mustaches.

    On a more serious note, I think it is ridiculous to view this singer as anything more than a self-promoter. It is worth noting that he has been on reality TV shows. Those shows attract a certain type of person who is interested in attention and in making shocking displays to generate that attention. That is what is going on here, and I am sure he is reveling in the win that he would not have gotten but for his outlandish appearance and the Russian reaction.

    He isn’t helping the situation in Russia at all. He isn’t donating any money nor is he lobbying any governments. He is just promoting himself. We shouldn’t rush to claim this entertainer as gay or as representing the anti-Putin cause. Let’s oppose Putin on our own terms, not on his.

  6. Pandion says

    What sore losers. Did you know half of all Russian men die of alcohol abuse by age 50?

  7. DMiner says

    An estimated 120 million people watched the Eurovision final. The results won’t necessarily change everyones attitudes towards gay liberation and equality but the fact that a gender bending performer was voted the winner by a general populace and a competition jury from each of the 30-something countries represented is testament to changing attitudes towards acceptance and tolerance throughout Europe. Remember that in our gay world, it may not seem like a big deal, but in the ‘real’ world, not everyone is so laissez-faire when it comes to a bearded guy in a frock. If you cannot see the significance of Austria’s win compared to 5, 10 or 50 years ago in our or anyone’s country then you take your own freedom to live your life as you see fit far too much for granted and you need to brush up on your history. You might not like the contest or the song or the result abut that is besides the point…. What matters is that enough people voting throughout Europe saw ‘past’ something that might have challenged them and prevented them from voting freely. That is incontrovertible and a major social milestone. And the fact that it pisses off the Russians is a bonus.

  8. JackFknTwist says

    Are we surprised at the Russian reaction?

    I want more sanctions and more isolation of that primitive society. They have had ample opportunities to change; Peter the Great, Catherine the Great all tried to liberate Russian thinking, to open it to western values.
    Now they have ended up as much fascist and repressive than the Soviets. They hate everything about the west.

    Maybe we should send over Elton John again to get their repressive laws repealed.
    Conchita was a great win and just sticks it to the Russians.

  9. says

    I watched the live panel program Zhirinovsky was on. There was a lot more Europe bashing. It’s the doom of Europe! The apocalypse! The flames of Hell! But there were at least 3 gay singers or artists pushing back against the homophobe hysteria. And Verka Serdyuchka skyped in, and they still love her. The producer of the Russian twins, Kirkorov, is gay and said that perhaps Russia should change its attitudes about sexuality. So there was good and bad.

    At the same time, not one of the many gays on the program identified as gay, even when they spoke against the homophobes. Sigh.

    Timati has performed with Timbaland. He should be boycotted. What an ass.

  10. Craig S says

    Homo Genius, do you know how drag works? The performer may be male, but the *character* is female — and therefore when she’s in character, she’s a “she” whether there are “he” bits inside her panties or not.

  11. David says

    Sorry, but the Emperor has no clothes. If you can sing, sing. But the bearded lady schtick is desperate as hell and just as silly.

  12. Nickman says

    B*ẗches, Conchita doesn’t care.

    She’ll be laughing al the way down to her home to put that pretty crystal mycrophone on her shelf.

    David, did you ever listen to her singing? She’s effortlessly flawless.

  13. Duff says

    The videos for the press conference is actually from the Winner’s Press Conference in Copenhagen, not the homecoming back to Austria.

  14. JJ says

    Russia’s conjoined twins joined at the hair were beaten by a man in a hamster wheel, so let’s not even pretend they’re in any position to hate on Conchita Wurst.

  15. says

    @David: Schtick is Eurovision, Eurovision is Schtick. As JJ says, given the gimmickry Russia has paraded before Eurovision, they’re hardly in a place to criticize a bearded lady whose performance was actually more understated than many–plus, she had the vocal goods, and she totally sold them.

    The funniest thing is that on a Russian outrage panel my Russian-speaking husband watched, they all looked like drag queens of one kind or another. And in the audience there were planted many twins, conjoined no doubt at the brain.

  16. jjose712 says

    Eurovision is camp fun. Every year is trash song after trash song (wich a small bunch of good ones). If somebody takes it too seriously is because he is a fool (obviously russiann politics are full of fools).

    I think part of the anger is that Conchita responded politely of all angry attacks and the fact that Russians really liked the song, it was the third most voted in Russia, so it seems that people in Russia (at least the one who watch the festival) are a lot less bigoted than their polititians

  17. says

    If Eurovision generated any sort of large scale interest over here you can be sure the usual American right wing talking heads would be freaking out about this.

  18. Alfonzo says

    Its always because “the children” that something is an issue. Be honest people and stop hiding behind your children. If its not your thing, its not your thing. Stop saying its because of the children when, in reality, its because of you.