1. StevyD says

    The world is full of horse’s patoots that think they know God’s mind and then use their ill gotten power, to destroy good people with it. If there is a God, he must certainly weep.

  2. rick says

    I agree with the great Ayatollah that these people are freaks in their society, just as the drag queens in ours. Strangely, my blood also boiled when I saw the above picture. I would like to send my congratulation to the great leader for doing the right thing.

  3. John says

    I heard about this earlier this week. The only positive thing I learned from this incident is that apparently a majority of the population of Iran are young people like those featured in the video. Which means that the regime enforcing these ridiculous rules will topple sooner than later.

  4. snork says

    I’ve been following this for a few days. I actually fully watched it. I bet what’s so offensive in this video is the attractive woman (in red!) dancing with what appear to be one or two religious men (based on their facial hair). But then again, what do i know?

  5. MIke says

    I read the most famous actress in Iran, a judge on the Cannes Film Festival jury and star of the Oscar winning Best Foreign Film a couple years back, will face a public lashing for having kissed a fellow Cannes judge on both cheeks as a greeting. The Cannes press is going crazy trying to protect her.

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