1. brandon h says

    I swear I’ve seen that twinky guy with the big teeth in gay porn.

    @henry Yeah, my gaydar too. But my gaydar tends to be disrupted by heavy deposits of Hipster.

  2. gr8guya says

    Whether these guys are gay or not, the point is that most straight people are clueless about Grindr. They have no idea that there is a parallel universe of guys hooking up all the time. Among my friends, I find that women are incredulous. They are surprised by all of the shirtless pics. (I don’t have the heart to show them Manhunt pics.) And guys are usually sort of envious. “Really? I can get laid all the time?”

  3. Timothy says

    Getting a class on Grindr is like a healthy person learning about how to catch leprosy.

    Hey, Gr8guyA, yeah it is a universe unto itself. Most of humanity may hook up for a short period in life but then strives for stability and love. Only a segment of warped, Western gay men create as a way of life the pursuit loveless sexual contact with strangers via a commercial app. That is why this small segment of gay men compares so poorly on every parameter of human health.

  4. Qj201 says

    Do you know how much time I would save my life?

    Actually none, you just spend it looking at your phone instead of standing around at a bar or going on bad coffee dates.

  5. Liam says

    I find it fascinating that so many commenters here think these are gay dudes. They seem like the usual nerdy straight boys I go to school with. Its the uber macho types and the frat boys you have to wonder about. These guys not so much.

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