1. Jason MacBride says

    The neanderthal attorney general doesn’t want the constitutionality of marriage equality resolved in the courts because it’s clear he will lose.

  2. Pete says

    South Dakota like Utah is going to spend their citizens’ money to defend a law/admendment that is on the wrong side of history. The citizens need to speak up and tell the AG as well as the legislature to stop passing laws (i.e. abortion) that cost the state millions of dollars to defend.

  3. emjayay says

    Nice guys. Charming old kitchen cabinets with questionable replacement Formica countertop and handles, probably done at the same time. Guys, love ya, but go down to Lowe’s and find some nicer handles (are the originals in a box in the basement?) and for god’s sake take the paper towel dispenser off the corner of the cabinets and put it underneath. Oh, peel off the fake bricks and put on tile. It’s not hard or expensive and is a nice little home improvement project.

    Then you can get married. Best wishes.

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