1. Lymis says

    I’m surprised he said that out loud, but it’s the inevitable next step if they were ever to win. Once they get a guarantee that ANY religious view overrides civil liberty, the obvious next step is making sure the RIGHT religious view is the only one that wins.

  2. Pandion says

    So “religious liberty” is the freedom of being slaves to the “true” representatives of God on earth. And who are the true ones? Those that are left standing after the new wars of religion?

  3. Gay Guy says

    Of course, only his religion is “kosher,” so to speak.

    This is the first time (I know of) that anybody has actually said in words what they’ve been implying for a long time!

  4. Bernie says

    Um, Mr. Perkins is only interested in “religious freedom” for his brand of Christianity………a very narrow and rigid view of religion

  5. Brian Brown says

    Which one is the most orthodox? He may be thinking about the Catholic Church which claims to have the longest tradition and descended directly from Peter and therefore Jesus. Strictly speaking the “most orthodox” title should go to Judaism which predated Catholicism. To them, Jesus was just a bastard.

  6. says

    Since his religion is based on totally false premises in the first place it is no surprise he is also confused about what is fair and just.

    The guy worships a Sky Monster that allegedly will wipe out all life on a planet in a temper tantrum, it’s no wonder Mr Perkins is such a creep.

  7. simon says

    One day, the Catholic Church will change their mind which is almost inevitable. Tony will have to claim he is more “orthodox” than the official church. Before that he has to leave the GOP or rather GOP leaves him. If he keeps his promise, he has to form a fringe group equivalent to the KKK.

  8. steve talbert says

    He’s not a monster so much as like an alcoholic father with anger and physical violence issues. He wiped out all living things in a great flood only because man was makings too much noise!!!!

    At the end he sobered up enough to tell Noah to save some animals, but by that time he had already started the fire so to speak and couldn’t stop.

    He then plays some really twisted passive aggressive practical jokes on job, is a grumpy old man turning the music off and shutting the party down in sodom. Gimmorrah got caught in the wrong place and the wring time just cause it was near by.

    He rapes a neighbor lady right before she got married and eventually had the his killed only to say later it was because everyone else was at fault. When the we paramedics ressussitate his sin, he’s grounded and can’t come out to play until the neighbor kids behave. But after awhile I think the mid was sent to military or reform school, because he disappeared. Maybe he ran away from home. I probably would.

    The sons friends were druggies, winos, and whites, so probably became a street hustler in Los Angeles.

    I can’t wait for oral testimony for the north Carolina hearing.

  9. Matt says

    A religion belief doesn’t have to be “orthodox” or ancient to be protected by the First Amendment (e.g., Mormonism), it just has to be “sincerely held” as a religious belief.

  10. steve talbert says

    I wish there was an edit feature on site and less aggressive autocorrect on my phone.

    Oh. I forgot about the time he made that woman marry her widows brother although the guy didn’t even like her and ended up only being able to masturbate when they had sex.

    And there’s all the approval of slavery. And probably was grumpy from a severe shrimp and crustacean allergy.

    Yeah, great role model for happy life lessons that Yewah yahoo has. Surprised there’s no realty show on bravo.

  11. Jim says

    If only Tony Perkins had been born in Munich circa 1925, he’d have been a much happier fellow. As a boy he could have joined the HitlerJunge. Upon adulthood he could have joined the Schutzstaffel and rubbed shoulders with Himmler and Heydrich, and worn a fancy uniform, and goosestepped all around town, and Sieg Heiled morning, noon, and night. How sad that it’s too late for him to live as the fascist he was born to be.

  12. ThomT says

    Perkins is a totally disgusting person. He will not be happy until he has shoved his religious beliefs down the throats of every living human being. Folks like Perkins, although they are hesitant to admit it, do not even want religions other than Christianity to have the right to exercise their own religious freedoms. He’s starting with the gays and the atheists and if he somehow manages to turn the tide of public opinion against them he will most certainly move on to those practicing religious other than his.

  13. kacee says

    The Bible is what all Christianity is based upon. The USA was based upon Judeo Christian beliefs and so was the Constitution. Freedom of religion was about being free to practice your faith based on those Judeo Christian values, not freedom from religion, not freedom from morality. Tony Perkins accepts homosexuals in his church as human beings which are sinners. Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. The God we worship, Jesus the son of God, does not allow the killing of unborn children, it does not condone sex outside of marriage or same sex relations and marriages as all are a humanity stopping practices, putting monogamous heterosexual couples in the service of gays to produce children for them. All humans fall short of Gods laws in some fashion, but it is that accepted morality that this country and society aspires to in order to survive and prosper. Morality is important for both society man and country and the world. We are not an Islamic country where gays are beheaded and adulterers or sex outside if marriage is punishable by death. But if we have freedom from religion, from American values, that’s where we’re headed. Same sex marriage is bad for society and we are raising vulnerable children to experiment and choose to be gay. It’s an abomination and immoral society to raise our sons and daughters without faith and morality. The church is for sinners and God loves all, but God doesn’t tell us to change the rules to fit the sins of man, to allow evil to rule over good. By the way, I live in Missouri and we have the same laws against discrimination the rest of the country has. You can’t be fired for being Gay. What that law proposed protecting gays specifically does is allow frivolous and false law suits against employers by precious gay people who are more likely to be psychopathic personality disordered than non gays. Look it up, abuse and pedophelia, and Cluster B personality disorders hallmarked by low empathy and no conscience are prevalent in the LBGT population. So society is changing to accommodate the sickest of our society, normalizing abhorrent behaviors. Way to go you stupid Libs.

  14. Jeff A says

    “a freedom that’s based on orthodox religious viewpoints. It has to have a track record, it has to come forth from religious orthodoxy.”

    Says a member of the heretical offshoot of Christianity known as Protestantism.

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