Tops and Bottoms: Power Ranking ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Episode 12 — RECAP


As per tradition, the final challenge involved filming a music video for one of RuPaul's tracks. (This time it's to "Sissy That Walk.") The girls had to look fierce with their "sissyography" and then ham it up in two acting scenes with Mama Ru herself. Before the shoot, they also joined RuPaul for the mother-daughter Tic Tac lunch. I know that shouldn't still make me chuckle as much it does, but I Ru's line about not wanting to cook while pointing to a take-out box of orange Tic Tacs still got a laugh out of me.

With just a recap special and reunion to go, here's how the girls performed in tonight's Power Rankings:


1. I've made no secret of my love for Bianca Del Rio. Week after week, she's brought top-knotch polish to the final runways, cleverness and commitment to the challenges and that signature humor to her interviews. More than anything else, she's been a savvy competitor. I'm not saying her emotional final runway spiel about how transformative this experience has been was entirely insincere, per se, but surely she knew it wouldn't hurt her chances. The previews and early moments of tonight's episode appeared to show Bianca struggle, but clearly it was just so the audience might entertain the thought that she doesn't have this locked up. Whether or not Ru does the right thing and gives her the crown, she will go down in herstory as one of — if not the — strongest competitor Drag Race has ever seen.


2. You know, maybe Adore could actually pull this one off. She slayed the acting portion of the video, and I don't disagree with her position that she's a star. You can always buy better gowns and wigs; you can't buy talent. There's an undeniable star quality to her. This may sound crazy, but I just can't shake this feeling that maybe, just maybe, we're going to get two winners this season, split between Adore and Bianca. As they said over and over tonight on Untucked, all these girls are so different. What better way to celebrate old drag and new drag than crowning these two queens together? Let's also not forget the season's narrative about their mentoring relationship. It would make quite an exciting end for the show's sixth season, I'm just saying.


3. Oh, Courtney. I'm so glad I won't have to be bored by you for much longer. The only thing worse than Courtney failing to impress me while seemingly not really trying is Courtney failing to impress me while trying really hard. Both on the runway and chatting with Ru, Courtney's responses felt so insincere and uninspired. Her video performance was deranged. She looked great on the runway (she always does), but I wish she'd actually serve a side of charm with all that body-ody-ody.


4. That was certainly an unsurprising (though very much warranted) dumping of Darienne Lake. It was just so obvious from the beginning that there was no way she could muscle out any of the top three. Was it really worth sending BenDeLaCreme home? At least she would have made the top four much more interesting. I will admit I loved Darienne's runway ensemble, and she always has such a gorgeous face. I just can't get over that acrid personality and those overstuffed jumpsuits.

What do you think of the final three? Who do you think will take the crown?


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  1. Michael says

    The biggest mistake on RuPaul’s this season, and possibly all the seasons, was getting rid of Ben De La Creme last week. But happy the mean Darienne is gone. She will go down as one of the most unforgettable drag queen.

  2. Qj201 says

    I love Adore, but I just can’t crown a queen who talks like a 16 SoCal teenager (including the vocal fry). I mean the girl has talent…but is SO not ready for prime time at all.

  3. Lucas H says

    I really think Bendela should have been in the top 3. I think Adore and Courtney both have a lot going for them – one is charming and the other gives killer runway – but I don’t really care as much. Anyway, I don’t want to beat a dead horse so, moving on – TEAM BIANCA! Because, obviously. If Bianca doesn’t win, I’ll lose faith in Ru’s judgment. I’m a bit unsure about it now, honestly, but its good to be kept guessing! Anyway, I’m excited for the live finale! I freaking love RuPaul. Are we getting another All Stars season after this? Because I’ll miss it when its over :(

  4. Mike says

    I think Dariene’s in between the segments interviews were funny and entertaining. I can see why this “Facebook favorite” lasted. I still howl when they were filming the rap video in she stood up in that black vinyl car cover and toppled into the trash cans. The hilarious high point of this season.

  5. disgusted merican says

    The biggest mistake on RuPaul’s this season, and possibly all the seasons, was getting rid of Ben De La Creme last week. But happy the mean Darienne is gone. She will go down as one of the most unforgettable drag queen.

    Posted by: Michael | May 6, 2014 8:37:03 AM

    TRUE..but, I honestly can say I felt bad for darienne and the story he told of his Hateful, bigoted, evil mother and the way she(s) treated him…..

  6. Shawn says

    I liked Darienne, I am not a fan of Courtney, she seems so condescending and she’s boring. I would be happy if Bianca or Adore wins.

  7. Chris says

    Darienne was amazing at lip synching and slew Bendela twice at it, does that count for nothing?

  8. Rational says

    I loath the sound of Adore, that voice curdles milk…and I’m not impressed with the “talent” either. Adore doesn’t need me as a fan though…Adore is Adore’s biggest fan. The editorial cutting of the show last night certainly leads me to believe Adore will win though…That awful voice never stopped talking, and in Untucked they made sure that all the candidates said good things about Adore…Adore saying the most of any contestant…talking about Adore of course. It’s rigged, I know that…why do I watch…nothing else on TV? Bianca Del Rio should win but Rue will choose Adore…editing the show tells all and that started two weeks ago.

  9. says

    I think this is a fantastic top 3. If BenDeLaCreme had made it to the top 4, I don’t know who I would have wanted to eliminate. Darienne’s presence made that choice very, very easy for me.

    There were three of us in my household watching, and we each chose a different contestant for who we wanted to win.

    Adore is extremely talented. She’s like a diamond in the rough. I don’t think she’s as polished and as put-together as the other two (and she’s the only remaining one who’s ever had to lip-sync for her life), but her singing and acting is legit. I don’t see her as the winner unless Ru gives a lot of weight to social media feedback — I could see Adore managing to rally the troops.

    From the beginning, I thought Bianca would sail to the end. She’s never been in the bottom three and has rarely even been in the “safe” group. I suspect she’s Ru’s personal favorite. Early on, some of my friends thought she was too hateful, and I suspected she’d make it to the finals as the villain — meaning that Twitter would turn against her and she couldn’t win. But whether it was strategy or genuineness, she ended up being seen as a kind, wise, mentor. I think she’s the front-runner.

    I’ve loved Courtney Act from the beginning. I think she’s insanely talented. I totally get why some people think she’s bland and boring — sometimes being TOO polished can be a detriment. She’s my personal favorite of the top 3.

    If BenDeLaCreme were in the finals, it would be harder. I’ve seen her perform live (I missed Adore but I’ve also seen Bianca and Courtney), and she’s a lot of fun. But also, I think I have a little crush on Ben as a boy and that would have made it harder to be objective.

    Overall, I thought this season had a lot of really talented contestants, and also the largest number of super-cute-as-a-boy contestants.

  10. Eric Payne says

    Wrong call, Ru. Last night, Courtney should have been eliminated. For the entire season, Courtnay has coasted by on “I’m going to win because I’m beautiful.” Courtney is a drag-queen Barbie Doll, with all the charm and plasticity of that toy. Darriene, on the other hand, is a living, breathing, bitchy creation who had one major “problem” — her weight. As someone who’s considered physically unattractive due to a physical abnormality (pre-natal spina bifida), I understood where Darienne was coming from, and marveled at the fine line she walked, keeping her balanced between self-deprecation and overt hostility. To me, she embodied the “true spirit” of the show. She developed a true “character,” while Courtney is just some skinny twink in a blonde wig.

  11. AmeriCanadian says

    I absolutely loved Ben De La Creme from the moment she walked into the workroom in the first episode. I thought she was hilarious throughout and she blew everyone else out of the water in Snatch Game. With Ben out, I’m torn between Bianca and Courtney, for different reasons. If drag is all about illusion, no one this season compares to Courtney. As a gay man it’s uncanny that I find Courtney so d**m attractive!

  12. Shine says

    I would really like to see the Mermaid win the crown. In my humble opinion, she is by far the most beautiful contestant. She’s not as stupid as some people seem to think she is. In fact I think she is wise beyond her years. I’ve also watched some her Q&A videos on youtube, and didn’t find myself disagreeing with her once on her advice. I think she’s a great well-rounded queen: strikingly beautiful, can dance, sing, stomp a runway, turn a weakness into a win, she’s persuasive, and an awesome shape-shifter (like a Mermaid ought). On top of it, she’s genuine, and genuinely a good person! She doesn’t think you need to sabotage others to excel.

    I would also be happy if Bianca won. She’s a very strong, fierce competitor. I think we all love her tender side that she tries so hard to keep well guarded by that silver-tongued persona of hers. Her big cat look was my favourite; loved those brows.

    I like Courtney well enough, but I sure as hell don’t want to see her win the crown. She’s the drag bot T-800. Very pretty. I think she’s going to be in a series focusing on her real-life male and female personas; that might be neat. I actually kinda sorta liked her devil horns and ‘possessed’ moves.

    I’m glad Darienne went home. I didn’t want to dip into those waters at any point. I felt badly for her regarding her family, and I wish her healing. But she was a nasty competitor, and she wasn’t above putting cement shoes on a sister and throwing her into deep water.


  13. says

    I think they gave us a sneak peak in the final line-up of the winners. I noticed in this episode they showed twice a screen shot splice of the four contestants, like the photo at the top of this article. This is not the order they were standing for the judges critic or lip-sync. The screen shot was very quick both times, not more than a second or two. So with that I believe they have given the order of winners. Bianca-1, Courtney-2, Adore-3 and Darienne eliminated (even though she slayed the lip-sync again).

  14. Keith says

    I like the idea of a shared crown, or maybe a Queen Mother and Queen! Bianca and Adore for sure!