Tops and Bottoms: Power Ranking ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Finale Reunion — RECAP

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1. Thank goodness Ru made the right call and recognized Bianca Del Rio as the ultimate queen. Going forward, hers will be the performance all future Drag Racers will be measured. Never gracing the bottom two, Bianca slayed every runway and dominated nearly every challenge. And she did it without being stiff or overly polished. She never took herself too seriously, and we love her all the more for it. (If anything, tonight's proceedings desperately needed some cutaways to Bianca interviews so she could pepper some of the more earnest moments with a signature eyeroll and a "Really, queen?"

2. Once it became clear that Bianca was the rightful champ, BenDeLaCreme seemed a shoe-in for Miss Congeniality. Henceforth, we should rename the designation "Miss Terminally Delightful." It was nice to see Ben bury the hatchet with Darienne, but I'm glad that when Darienne tried to say they both snapped, DeLa set her straight.

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3. If Bianca and DeLa got the props they deserve, there was some wicked pleasure to derive from Michelle Visage's refusal to indulge Laganja Estranja's nonsense.

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4. Speaking of Laganja, did you get the feeling that things are not nearly as good now between she and Adore? It was uncomfortable seeing them watch the episode of Untucked in which their friendship imploded. Not to be a Drag Race truther, but I'm not buying that they worked it all out at a bar afterward.

5. Move over Macklemore, because if anyone's getting married on a television special, I'm sure they'd rather have Ru officiate. Joslyn's impromptu nuptials were a sweet spot that managed to keep from being too saccharine. Everybody say "Love!"

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6. The good vibes kept coming, with visits from Bianca's goddaughter (who recited a lovely little poem), as well as Adore's mother. The most heart-warming special guest came via video in a message from Darienne's parents issuing their support.

7. Speaking of special guests, it was great to see some of our favorite queens of the past. Latrice, Jinkx and Ivvvvvvyyyyyy Winntterrrrrssss all looked fabulous, but Alaska stole the show in her brief appearance. No kidding, she's the most underrated queen in Drag Race herstory.

8. I may rag on Laganja, but she was looking stupendous tonight. Along with Vivacious, Gia and Milk, these early eliminations turned it out tonight. (Though, let's be real, it's going to be tough to ever top Detox's unbelievable black-and-white film star effect from last season's reunion.)

9. On the flip side, the mercifully short time we spent with Kelly Mantle and Magnolia Crawford reaffirmed the decision to cut their time on the show short.

10. The opening numbers on these shows are always good for some awkward pageantography, but the real moves came courtesy the overzealous dancers that fosse'd us into commercial breaks. Those Ornacia heads were everything.

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What did you think of tonight's reunion special? Did the best woman win?


  1. Thom says

    Overall it was a predictable finale (aka reunion). I never for one second thought Bianca would not win, because Ru basically crowned her during the first episode. Never any suspense on that front. My favorite moments were anything with Ben DeLa Creme, and also seeing queens from previous season (especially my Jinkxy and Latriiiiiice!). Least favorite moments were those spastic dancers (WHO were they again???), and Miss Congeniality winning a gift card. Really? A freaking gift card? To a bargain basement web site? For $2500? Every M.C. from the past won a fabulous vacation package. Once again, DeLa was robbed.

  2. Qj201 says

    No dis to Ms. Bianca who clearly killed it, but the show’s challenges and entire set up played to her strengths…sewing, creativity, comedy. Adore and Courtney are singers and great performers…and they got to show that off exactly ONCE.

  3. Tony says

    Yeah Adore should never have even been in the finale. Sorry. Her drag is booger and her wigs are cheap.

    I’m happy Bianca won, but I really think the show went to town on the editing to make everyone hate Courtney by the end. That show has by far the worst editing I have ever seen. Full on dubbed sentences and clearly meshing unrelated pieces together to create a storyline. Courtney was by far the best in terms of variety and frankly the prettiest of the queens. But they made her out to be a c&&&. I loved Bianca though, so I’m alright with all of that.

  4. says

    Yay for Bianca, but any one of the top three would have been a fine choice. They were all great. And I know it’s all about the queens, but next season, can we please get more of Jason and Simon of the Pit Crew? I try not to blink whenever they’re on cause the shots are so quick. Those two are stunning.

  5. Matt says

    Courtney seemed a bit of an afterthought on the show. She was really given short shrift and sort of looked over. It almost made me think she was going to win because they were ignoring her so much. Instead, they were just ignoring her!

    Good for Bianca. She deserved it and will be a good ambassador.

    While I love Adore, and most her sense of humor. She looked a wreck. And with the release of her music video today. Eek. Is it possible for a drag queen to disgrace the RuPaul brand? Because if so, that would have done it. Adore is too young to carry the crown in an even remotely dignified way. I’d like to sit next to him at a party though!

  6. MK says

    I think Bianca would be an excellent addition to the judges panel. Since she (really) knows how to sew, she could oust Santino if they feel it’s crowded up there.

  7. JFE says

    I thought Bianca should win as well, but the writer is too kind with his words about her. Bianca’s looks did not slay the runway every time, they started looking the same after a while, and the writer obviously forgot about the all-powerful, all-encompassing, RuPaul-copying Raja. SHE will be the standard for all future drag races.

  8. Cha Cha La Rice says

    THOSE DANCERS WERE F@*CKING AMAZING! They made the show for me. Too bad they were cut during commercials. I want to see this entire show without the commercials!!!!!!!!! I want to see the DANCERS!!!!!!!!

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