1. Change says

    “…instead we’re the light going the opposite direction.”

    What does that even mean? The metaphor makes no sense. I think he needs to go back to physics class and re-take optics…

  2. Keeping it Real says

    Don’t these morons who are attacking John Kerry realize that Kerry is the Secretary of State of this country—not them? Now Shut Up and let the Secretary of State get on with doing his job.

  3. Christopher says

    @ John Patrick,

    I know, right?! I’ve been gabbin’ with god for years and she’s always been against homophobia in all its forms… especially institutionalized homophobia.

  4. JMC says

    I mean frankly if you were to go off of the depiction of God in the Bible it’s not an absurd conclusion he’s reached lol on a whole God is a bigoted murderous barbarian in the Bible and would more than likely be #TeamUganda. The Bible is absurd though, and so his comments are too.

  5. says

    In order for Sky Monster to be upset with John Kerry it would first be necessary for there to be a Sky Monster. I see stars, planets, satellites and Sol, but I don’t see any Sky Monsters.

  6. Liam says

    Yes, GOd is really pissed because we oppose a pogrom against the gays in Africa! The best defense against tools like this is shining the light of publicity on their stupidity. He has zero chance of winning now.

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