1. David From Canada says

    A word to the wise: These clips would get more views and more comments if they weren’t so long. Most people, including me, are not going to watch a video clip that is almost an hour long. Less is more! Cram it down into a concise 10 or 15 minutes and you’ll get a lot more viewers.

  2. says

    @David From CANADA, this isn’t about views. I uploaded these hour long videos for people who care about gay history. If you aren’t interested that’s fine. Don’t advise me on how to run my channel. I do have 31.6 million video views so there’s that…

  3. JoeBlow says

    These videos are wonderful. I’ve watched them all. A common theme I see from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s is how many news stories focusing on gay rights end with a scene of shirtless gay men dancing in a dark club. Not sure I quite understand why, but I suspect that the reason isn’t positive.

  4. David McCain says

    Dave Evans, Thank you for all the work you did to compile this valuable collection of video documents. These clips are a good reminder that we didn’t arrive at our current status without a lot of suffering — and a lot of hard work.

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