Bulgarian MEP Calls Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst ‘Genetically Modified Organism’ – VIDEO


In an interview before his May election, Bulgarian Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Angel Dzhambazki described Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst as a “bearded creature.”

DzhambazkiIn the same interview, Dzhambazki said that recognition of the intersexed as a third gender is “absolutely an unacceptable targeting of humanity against nature.”

Speaking to One Europe, Dzhambazki said:

“A beard lady became a symbol of the Old continent a few days ago. This bearded creature, called with the European name Conchita Wurst is like genetically modified organism and won the Eurovision. And I wonder, if the vice of our time is that we tolerate the perversity. I don’t want such a song contest for my children.”

Yesterday, Dzhambazki was accepted into the Eurosceptic centre-right Conservative Party’s ECR group in the European Parliament, along with Irish MEP Brian Crowley.

Speaking to Pink News, English Liberal Democrat MEP Catherine Bearder said:

“The public deserves an explanation as to why Conservative MEPs have agreed to share a platform with this divisive and hateful figure who is so out of touch with British values of tolerance and compassion. By associating themselves with such an openly racist and homophobic politician the Tories are dancing with the devil.”

Dzhambazki, a member of the Bulgaria Without Censorship party which is aligned with the Bulgarian National Movement, has also been accused of inciting hatred against immigrants, calling on the citizens of Sofia to "clean up" Bulgaria's capital city and take “self-defence actions” by establishing “volunteer patrols and units”.

Check out Conchita Wurst's winning Eurovision performance, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Telly says

    My grandma has had a beard since at least the 70s and she definitely isn’t a GMO, more like a hot-blooded Italian lady with a temper to match her offsprings.

  2. Rick says

    The White Liberal is in his death throes in Europe, as the general population has begun to see the consequences of the withce’s brew of “multi-culturalism”, feminism, and “gender-non-conformity” that he now represents.

    It is not only being reflected in the political realm, but will, I suspect, be reflected on the streets with violence in the very near future.

    It is high time that Europe be cleansed, once and for all……

  3. jjose712 says

    You need to be a total mental case to still bitching about eurovision more than a month after the show.

    This guy needs to use his few brain cells in something more productive

  4. Telly says

    Oh Rick,

    Are you trolling for maximum personal lulz? Or are you really as dark and evil as I’ve come to think you are.

    I think I need to stay away from towleroad considering this website is your haunt. I feel dirty just being in the same thread as you.

  5. NinaandMyself says

    Dzhambazki, clearly working on the ‘final solution’ against LGBTs.
    “…calling on the citizens of Sofia to ‘clean up’ (CLEANSE) Bulgaria’s capital city and take ‘self-defence (OFFENSIVE) actions’ by establishing ‘volunteer patrols and units'(POGROMS).”

    He dehumanized/objectified Conchita with propaganda that suited his radical anti-LGBT agenda by referring to her as “creature”, “GMO”, and “perversity”…

    Naziesque hetero-supremacist scum.

  6. UFFDA says

    Tyler, you need to just have some sympathy for the fact that Rick, I mean Me, was born to a hateful anti-gay conservative and racist family. So he, I mean me, is sick of being reminded of how accepted weirdos like Conchita are, when no amount of kowtowing to my family’s prejudices made them love me. Don’t you get it? I, Rick, adopted every bit of faux-macho posturing that I could and I *STILL* wasn’t accepted or embraced or loved. So I, Rick, get upset when weirdo people get accepted.

    There are many people living in here, in this hollow shell of a man who types on the internet. I’m like Sybil.

  7. Derrrick from Philly says

    I hadn’t watched Conchita in Towleroad’s other three news stories about her (I understand Thomas uses female pronouns when referring to his drag persona). Conchita was wonderful!!!!

  8. Moz's says

    Perhaps Rick is a neo-Nazi. He certainly sounds like one.

    Posted by: Tyler | Jun 26, 2014 3:22:02 PM
    agreed, especialy Rick’s bit about “….that Europe be cleansed, once and for all.”

    very neo-nazi sounding

  9. will says

    A GMO! Well, that IS witty.

    I don’t think Conchita really fits into any LGBT issues. She’s just her own walking version of radical, avant-garde genderism. She’s not a gay ISSUE, she’s walking theater, artifice, a performance art piece.

  10. woodroad34 says

    I betcha this putz wants Conchita to strip in front of him just to prove she’s all “man”–talk about repressed homoness. Talk about “an unacceptable targeting of humanity against nature.”

  11. emjayay says

    This guy not only missed out on gender studies but even more so doesn’t understand the concept of theater. The name, the fakish beard on a guy who could grow a real one…could anything be more obvious?

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