1. St.Eve says

    maybe she doesn’t want to go there ’cause she just doesn’t care if C3PO is gay or not since he’s a robot & has no need for sexuality.

  2. james says

    I love Alan Carr…we need talk shows like this in the US!! (Chelsea doesn’t count)

  3. luke says

    not sure if this is supposed to be a fun article or it’s faux outrage. fortuna isn’t speaking english

  4. Graphicjack says

    Well, Anthony Daniels is out, so I don’t see why Carrie would have an issue with calling C-3PO gay. Maybe she’s a bit touchy because she married a gay man, but I don’t recall ever hearing her being anti-gay. Odd. Carrie’s wonderful. Always loved her.

  5. Thomas says

    Clearly this is just banter between a “porky” homosexual and a “porky” fag hag. I’m not sure why it has been editorialized to sound like Carrie is being homophobic. She is like this generations Dorothy Parker, she is one of us.

  6. David says


    Is it too much to ask that you ACTUALLY WATCH the show segments you report on?

    The dialogue you quote and the actual conversation between Carr and Fisher is entirely different.

  7. Bill says

    @David @Andy : the quote above is in the article linked to, but not in the video. Was the video edited to remove it or did someone imagine that dialog?