First Ever Transgender Mr. Gay Philadelphia Crowned


Last night, Philadelphia made history by crowning its first ever transgender Mr. Gay contestant! Lou Cutler, a 33-year-old from the City of Brotherly Love won the title in a competition held last night at Field House.

Congratulations, Lou!

Thanks to Visit Philly for the photo.


  1. Tyler says

    Cue Transphobic comments accusing all Trans people of being homophobic and should be separated from the LGB community in 3…2…1….

  2. Ryan says

    So.. does this dude identify as gay? since he did compete for Mr. Gay Philadelphia..

  3. Moz's says


    please explain how having a vagina is male

    I did say if has had surgery to have a cosmetic penis then cool

  4. Heartboy says

    I’m as trans friendly as you can get but MALES have PENISES…FEMALES have vaginas

    male =/= man
    female =/= woman

    I’m for everyone but stop trying to be illogical about it all. If you have a vagina you are NOT a MALE.

  5. Moz's says

    if he/ she has not had the surgery for a cosmetic penis then the other contestants technically have a case to sue the contest for awarding someone with a vagina

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    You know, MOZ’S, we have agreed on some topics on this blog. We don’t agree here.

    If a Transman (or Transwoman) tells you how they want their gender status to be recognized–well, why not give them that respect or courtesy. What’s the problem?

    This week is Gay Pride Week in New York City. I wish I could be there again, but some drunks (like me) have heat intolerance –so I AINT going (it’s always hot humid the last Sunday in June in New York City). But there will be many MANY Transgender folk there. They played (and are playing) a crucial role in civil rights for LGBT people. Give them the respect that they have earned.

  7. GregV says

    “”does this dude identify as gay?”

    @Ryan: Yes, he does.

    @Moz’s: Don’t be ridiculous. The contest only asks that the entrants self-identify as gay and be residents of the Philadelphia region. They have no rule that they be must have a penis or even that they be male. It’s no more your business (or the audience’s business) whether he has a penis than it is your own boss’ business whether you’re circumcized or what size your balls are.

  8. Hector says

    I believe that he will be donating all of his winnings to the National Organization for Marriage to fight marriage equality.

  9. Ernie says

    Hey, I thought Little Kiwi was out of here. I guess he fails at everything, even a dramatic exit. Anyway, who are we kidding. Since he has no job and no life, what else does he have to do but come here and desperately try to put a good face on transgenderism?

    BTW, if there are any videos of Little Kiwi getting busy with a “transman” they should be sold in drug stores. Better than ipecac syrup to induce vomiting!

  10. Jerome Williams says

    Derrick From Philly, I have no problem with transgenders or with recognizing their selected gender. I have a big problem with them telling gay people that we have to identify with them. I have a big problem with trans activists attacking lesbians and gay people and trying to take over their organizations, even while they keep their own segregated groups for themselves. I have a big problem with telling gay and lesbian young people that they are inextricably linked with transgenderism. I am not going to lie to gay youth in order to uphold an ideology.

  11. Tyler says

    Can’t wait for a neutrois to win! Neutrois are a vital part of the transgender community. They demand the right to be castrated! Transgenders are totally not mentally ill, y’all!

  12. Tyler says

    Rick, (AKA Fake Tyler):

    If you’re going to post as me, you can’t do it in a thread where I’ve already made pro-Trans statements. I keep telling you this. If your goal is to impersonate me, you gotta try a little harder. You’re losing your troll edge.

    People who are prejudice against Trans people can’t be persuaded with logic. Moz’s is an example. It’s just not worth it to try. These trolls revel in their ignorance and don’t wish to be shown the light.

    Trans people will continue to win cultural advancement and recognition despite the bigots (including the gay male bigots who seemed extremely threatened by bucking traditional gender norms). And those mentally ill bigots who feel threatened by it will either shut up and get lost or be isolated by their hatred.

  13. Moz's says

    @ Derrick

    it matters for the contest since they don’t allow lesbians to run for “MR” gay Philadelphia

    If Lou has had surgery then more power to him but if he still has a vagina then he is isn’t a he yet

    Tyler, take your meds

  14. Anthony says

    Good for him, but against the others who competed Lou is just not attractive. Seems like a progressive choice – just and only because its a progressive choice.

  15. says

    i think he’s hot. what we’re seeing in here is the usual – gay men who are upset that this trans man is not merely more MAN than they’ll ever be, but he’s WAYYYYYY hotter, too.

    woof to him. and a tiny sad violin playing the saddest song in the world for all the bitter jealous haters ­čśÇ

  16. says

    Bravo. Lou. He identifies as gay and as male–and the people who make the decision decided on him. That’s really all there is to it. Why people on a blog, who have nothing to do with any of it, are upset that he won is beyond me–just the usual irrational transphobia.

    Other “Ernie”–you’re weirdly titillated by Kiwi’s dating life given that you think you’ll find it so off putting.

  17. says

    He’d handsome. He knew he would get some snotty comments when he went out for this, but he did it anyway, which is bold and commendable. And he won! Good for him. And good for Philly!

  18. kipp says

    “Miss” and”Mr” pageants are entertainment events without import – are we really complaining that a beauty pageant is being illogical, superficial and/or political? When, exactly, are they not?

    That said, is it a little odd for the winner of a “Mr. Gay” pageant to be shown being swooned-over by a crowd of women…

  19. Fenrox says

    I wish you morons could get your science straight. IDC about your thoughts on trans people, but gender and sex organs do not correlate. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD! Look it up! DO NOT BELIEVE ME OR OTHERS, IT’S NOT HARD TO LOOK THIS SHIZ UP!

  20. Charlie says

    Pretty funny to see the usual self-described “queers” on here, falling over themselves to exclaim how attractive and manly this surgically altered woman is. It’s like reading comments from members of a religious cult. They have to convince themselves that the myths they believe are true, so they overcompensate.

    Bottom line: this isn’t a man. It is a mentally ill woman. None of the self-described “queers” commenting on how “hot” this person is would have sex with her/him. Why? Because they like men and know that this isn’t one.

  21. says

    Charlie, i’ve dated FTM guys. They were more man than your cowardly trolling anonymous self is. You’re a real man? prove it. i call your bluff. let’s see who you are. oh, wait. won’t happen. eunuchs like you treat the internet as a burqa – you hide, because you’re not man enough to stand up to be counted.

    unlike this wicked hot FTM dude. jealous much? of course you are, Blanche. ­čśë

  22. Jay says

    “if had surgery no problem if still has a vagina then sorry , shouldn’t have won”

    This is everything that is wrong with our treatment of transgender people. We force them into a binary gender system and refuse to accept them for who they are. I dream of a day when a trans kid won’t have to look into surgery to find acceptance and fulfillment.

  23. Moz's says


    google pics of Lou, not as attractive as you think


    if no surgery then just a cross dresser/ transvestite

  24. Aisha says

    “eunuchs like you treat the internet as a burqa – you hide, because you’re not man enough to stand up to be counted.”

    Little Kiwi, I wonder if you realize that you have an enormous misogyny and racism problem. Burqas are not worn by eunuchs. They are worn by Muslim women. They are not worn to hide from a foe. So you have disrespected both Muslims and women.

    Why is standing up to be counted associated with being a man? Do you not think that women stand up to be counted? There is something very arrogant and cruel about you and your attitude toward other peoples.

  25. diego says

    little kiwi when u say u dated an ftm guys do u mean that u just went out with them or that u had sex them? did they have a penis or a vagina??

  26. lookyloo says

    People think a simple tube of flesh on the outside of someone’s body magically defines whether they’re a man or not?

    That seems pretty short sighted to me – on a few levels.

  27. says

    “AISHA” – they’re not men. they’re BOYS. men stand up to be counted, boys lie, evade, hide and give excuses. i’m not being sexist at all – i’m calling out the cowardice of these grown-adult so-called “men” who denigrate others from a place of cowardly anonymity.

    i didn’t disrespect anyone. i called out the cowardice of this site’s anonymous troll commenters.

    we dated. we were sexual. it was awesome.

  28. Anne says

    It’s nice to see gay men moving beyond the stereotypes of bitchy boys in the band types. Except here ‘natch.

    Y’all should be judged by how you act. Small, bigoted. Obsessed in ways that the right says you are.

    It’s like visiting the lgbt museum – the land of broken men. Sad. Just like the tea partyiers complaining that ‘Murica doesn’t look like it used and they’re taking it back!!!!

    You’ll both dies off in a few more years. And we’ll all pour some single malt on your graves…after some appropriate filtering.

    Until then – enjoy your shrinking Sovereign state.

  29. says

    “Mr.” is a title for someone without an honorific or professional title. It is applied to men.

    Man/men, and woman/women, are social constructs used to assign individuals into one of two binary classifications.

    Male and female are biological terms used to classify individuals by physical sex based on one or more of several criteria, not the least of which is personal sexual identity. (In the Matter of Robert Wright Heilig/Janet Heilig Wright).

    Moz seems to be trolling. The meme suggests to not feed the trolls. But alas, I acquiesce, here is pabulum for your feast.

    Mangez mon ami, mangez.