Fox News All But Ignoring Same-Sex Marriage Victories


Fox News' coverage of same-sex marriage victories in the past year has been "largely absent" compared to other major networks, according to a new study by Media Matters for America.

GraphFox News has spent just over 10 minutes covering the 13 court decisions in favor of marriage equality since Windsor, according to an Equality Matters analysis examining the five-day windows after each decision, during which period these decisions were actual news stories, with the bulk of the network's coverage devoted to one state, Utah. New Mexico and Michigan's decisions received no coverage at all, and the majority of the decisions received less than a minute of attention[.]

For the four states – New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, and Pennsylvania – where same-sex marriage has taken effect as a result of court rulings post-Windsor, Fox News has provided a scant two minutes and 14 seconds of coverage, compared with nearly 16 minutes from CNN and more than an hour from MSNBC[.]

Luke Brinker, a researcher at Equailty Matters at Media Matters for America, writes that "the network has withdrawn from its battle against same-sex marriage, uninterested in dwelling on the end of an era when warnings of activist judges and slippery slopes could score the network cheap points without raising many eyebrows."

Despite the claim that Fox has withdrawn from the same-sex marriage battle, its strong anti-gay presence is still felt. Just last week Fox had a so-called 'expert' on who said that the Santa Barbara shooter may have gone on his rampage because of "homosexual impulses".

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  1. says

    FOX News, the head in the sand network.

    NOM and the anti-marriage-equality crusaders should interpret this as a bad sign for them. If FOX thought anti-equality still sold, they’d be all over it. They see the writing on the wall, which is why they’re turning to the right-wing baker morons instead, because they figure (rightly, no doubt) that their audience is too stupid to understand basic non-discrimination law.

  2. says

    as much as moving the US for university was a massive culture shock for me, as a Canadian, it was also a massive culture shock for my poor classmates who were raised on Fox News.

    they did not fare well in an academic environment, surrounded by peers and teachers that actually knew what they were talking about. they were viewed with a combination of disdain, disgust and pity. And all but one flunked out after first year.

    Thanks Fox!

  3. Gary says

    Hating Fox provides the perfect motivation. Unfortunately their range is wider than Towleroad’s. Must keep that 50% vs 50% political war raging. Libs still have a firm grip on the other networks, and Cheerios advertising.

  4. Gary says

    What happens when the message gets twisted? The Savage story is the perfect example, but Towle can’t savage their icon. The story appeared on that dreadful worldwide “Drudge” site, but that doesn’t make it news here, when Hugh Jackman starts “bouncing.”

  5. Tyler says

    Gary, start your own blog and report whatever you wish there. Andy and the rest of the staff don’t report on just the stories you want to read. You’re free to leave at any time and do some reporting yourself.

  6. says

    the “Savage” piece? what, that one person who chooses to be referred to as “IT” doesn’t like a word being used in the context of discussing that specific word? buzz of, plebe. and grow a pair.

  7. Gary says

    Spare me the Canadian dripping faucet today. If the “trannys” resented being referred to as such by Mr. Savage, god of the gays, that isn’t news? It was worth reporting to your right wing enemies on Drudge. If you are so close to the topic why not respond? Is Tyler your pit bull Andy? This is “America Love It Or Leave It” gay style.

  8. anon says

    The FN demo is white men over the age of 65. Roger Ailes controls the agenda there, and it’s always anti-Democratic stories with talking heads and any positive spin stories about Republicans or conservatives. Stories about Democrats winning will get suppressed because Ailes knows that at that point the TV’s get turned off.

  9. Gary says

    If you don’t mind the right wing media running a story trying to discredit Dan Savage, be my guest. The truth is admit you don’t know how. You have access.

  10. TonyJazz says

    ‘libs still have a firm grip on the other networks’

    That’s cute and absurd. Unless you define ‘libs’ as reality-based centrists.

    The only liberal network is MSNBC. All of the others are middle of the road.

    The only propaganda network is Fox.

  11. Fan says

    Amazing how one person with a brain can derail an entire staff of gay internet story compilators. Your work is invaluable, and Andy is so cute! And who is that lovable Kiwi character? Reading his caustic Canadian is a guilty pleasure! Love you guys! Gay power!!

  12. Graphicjack says

    Of course Fox doesn’t report it. If they don’t take about it, it’s not real, right? It’s like creationism… If we ignore facts, like evolution, we can convince ourselves that we are right and we are living in a fantasy world of our own choosing. Just keep ignoring those pesky, icky facts, Faux News.

  13. David says

    I always thought the “news” part of Fox News was slang for something, not actual news as in reportage. Like in Bellevue’s psych ward, they have a patient-run newspaper, but I don’t read it to get information about the world or reality

  14. GBeing says

    David: I agree. I wondered why this “actual news” about Savage’s offending transexuals wasn’t seen on this Blog as “reportage” when, –Bellevue aside–The Drudge Report did. When it’s your own “Fox Sandbox” you can obviously print what you want of course.

  15. GBeing says

    Of course, Savage didn’t actually offend transsexuals. He was on a panel, specifically discussing the word “TRanny” – in the context of how the word is being used and seen and treated – and one member of the school , who identifies as “IT”, has been upset.

    The Drudge report reported it because Matt Drudge is a closeted homosexual coward who only writes about things he can spin to being “anti-liberal” – it’s what textbook gay republican cowards like myself do.

    for example, has not covered any of the recent anti-gay GOP doings. they did not cover the LCR being banned from the upcoming conservative conference. they did not cover the GOP reaffirming their anti-gay platform stances.

    Instead they decided that the Obama admin designating LGBT Landmarks in America as a story worthy of negative spin.

    reality? gay conservatives likes myself are useless.

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