1. TampaZeke says

    Wow, after hearing Oldman’s apology the other day where he profusely apologized for the Jewish people he offended but seemed to go out of his way to NOT mention or address gay people or the offense to them, I was excited to watch this clip to see his apology for defending Alec Baldwin and saying that it was OK to call people “faggot” when angry. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that he STILL never mentioned what he said to gay people or what he said about Alec Baldwin but once again specifically singled out what he said about Mel Gibson.

    Andy, could you please direct us to the apology to gay people and his addressing his comments about Alec Baldwin? You clearly provided the wrong video to back up your post. This one is just a rehash of his previous statement which clearly, painfully and intentionally DIDN’T address the gay part.

  2. MaryM says

    He should not be apologising full stop.

    His criticism of the hysterical over-reactions of people is very try.

    Mel Gibson made an anti-Semitic slur when wasted. That’s not nice but has zero impact on anyone except the most sensitive flower on earth.

    Alec Baldwin made a homophobic slur, when angry. That’s not nice but has zero impact on anyone except the most sensitive flower on earth.

    The only thing I find weird is how Oldman feels the need to apologise to the ADL, but not to GLAAD.

    Why is that?

  3. john says

    Someone has a movie to promote, what’s one way to get your name in the news? this was all staged

  4. David From Canada says

    The news websites are reporting Oldman’s apology about the Gibson flap, but none at all about the Adam Baldwin anti-gay slurs flap. This in itself is a form of homophobia.

  5. Moniker says

    I am promoting a movie, so here is my sorry for you, you, and you. Now go to cinema near you and make me richer…

  6. Mike says

    1. Get a new project ready for release.

    2. Say something as insulting as possible about minorities. Pref. more than one.

    3. Go on a talk show apology tour.

    4. Profit!

  7. ryan says

    He has now sincerely apologized twice yet he’s only doing it to promote his movie? And Jonah Hill wasn’t? Incredible.

  8. Daniel says

    MARYM, are you a sociopath?

    I think his apology sounds sincere. Just as with Johan Hill I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt. Although I will probably see his movie.

  9. lvng1tor says

    He apologized he understands it’s hurt his reputation. Whether he means it or not is irrelevant…I don’t know him so I’ll take it as he said it. I agree with what Kimmel explained and how they both handled it. Oh and for the people who are saying that Gibson & Baldwin made “a comment”…they made many many many comments more than a few times. Oldman, who I dearly love as an actor, really put his foot in it but he was trying to make a valid point on hypocrisy…he did it very poorly. He was talking like you do to friends who know you and can infer what you mean from prior intimate knowledge of your personality. If he refrains from making more stupid statements I’m good with him. For god’s sake…no more apologies!!! Can’t we just have them kiss NPH’s ring from now on and move it along.

  10. Tyler says

    Daniel, MaryM is Rick, our resident troll. So of course “she” is a sociopath. Rick is a troll and a sociopath and that’s pretty much all there is to him as a person. He’s a waste of space and life and he knows it.

  11. UFFDA says

    TYLER, and everyone else who thinks they know anyone behind their comments, is a total fool as both psychologist and clairvoyant. You don’t know squat. Lame comic? Even that’s a stretch.

  12. Rick says

    I agree, UFFDA. I guess we don’t need to ever man-up and prove ourselves, do we? After all, it would prove our points if we could only show ourselves. I can’t show myself, though. I *am* just a cowardly troll with no life and a family that’s only ever hated my guts. You?

  13. UFFDA says

    Oh dear fake “Rick”…and could you man-up to who YOU really are?

    I thought so.