Gay Swedish Teen Told To Clean Up Homophobic Graffiti

SwedenProof that not only Americans enjoy blaming and punishing the victim, a gay teenager in Sweden reported the slur "dirty fag" scrawled on the bathroom walls at his school only to be told by the principal to "erase it himself."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, other teachers had seen this instance of homophobic graffiti directed at the student as well as several others, but have never taken any action against it.

The student has since left the school for an internship in order to escape the bullying that he endured for two years, and he has reported the incident to Sweden's Discrimination Ombudsman accusing the school of discrimination.


  1. CloudyDay says

    It happened once in high school that somebody wrote “(My full name) likes c*** up the ass.” on a hallway wall where most of my peers had lockers. I was DEVASTATED. It was in between classes that I noticed it, and I resolved to remove it myself by taking a bathroom break from my next class. By the time I took that break, thankfully every trace of the remark was removed by somebody. It thankfully only happened the one time.

    To this day I wonder who removed it; student? Friend? Teacher? Maintenance worker? Administrator? I wish I knew.

    I thought that the school counselor might have asked to see me, but that never happened.

    I feel badly for that student. I’m glad he’s out of there. Somehow I expected more from Sweden.

  2. ratbastard says

    Maybe American ‘progressives’ shouldn’t be so gullible about how superior Sweden and Europe is vs the U.S. Just because a place gas a reputation for being ‘progressive’ (primarily because it’s passed a lot of P.C.-type laws) doesn’t mean it in reality really is perfect or superior. I’ve lived in some of the most P.C. and ‘gay friendly’ so-called progressive places my entire life, and have seen plenty of hypocrisy.

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