1. Mike says

    There’s obviously an anti-Clinton wing of Democrats who plan on doing in 2016 exactly what they did to her in 2008, or didn’t you watch Mika on MSNBC this morning. #HillaryIsSoPoorThat….

  2. Rad says

    Yes, Mike, you can count me as one of those anti-Clinton Democrats. I just have a bad feeling about her. Love her; great stateswoman, but the vision of Melissa Etheridge and her partner dancing at the inaugural ball one night, then Bill signing DOMA and DADT into law the next is still too etched in my mind. She should not be President.

    Elizabeth Warren, on the other hand… full support!

  3. Agree says

    I’m with you guys. I don’t know why but I just have a bad feeling about Clinton in the white house. She’s as shady as Mr. Clinton but with none of the charisma. She just feels ‘off.’ I really don’t want her to be the first woman in office.

  4. RICK says

    And both of those abc news interviews came off content empty and this schmooze-y general answer giving Hillary really left me off with this mysterious cold feeling of ‘no solid leadership’ where is she going? What’s her vision or ideals?? She seemed very Bill Clinton coached but unenthused about anybody’s high office..

  5. Arkansassy says

    I’m not anti-Hillary, but I’m not clear on why she should be president. While she’s had some important jobs, I don’t know what, if anything she accomplished. And after all these years I don’t know what she stands for.

    My eye is currently on Elizabeth Warren, a woman who has presented a clear message from day one. She also seems to have a vision for rebuilding the middle class and has been vocal in standing up to the interests of big business.

  6. BigGuy says

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    Pleading nolo contendere to a charge of perjury does not constitute lying under oath.

    It cannot be proved beyond a reasonable doubt that Bill Clinton has ever publicly lied about anything to anybody. Listening to Fox claim that he has been untruthful does not constitute proof.
    6/4/2014 11:55 PM EST
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    Come on now, what Obama did is only OK for a Republican, not for a Democrat.

    Under W there were no problems caused by his mismanagement. Everything that was wrong was the fault of Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, or Democratic Congresses. W was appointed by our Lord Jesus Christ working through the minds and souls of five justices of the Supreme Court. What Higher Authority could there be?

    Under Reagan, the problems of America were because too many of us supported the New Deal and the Great Society. Even in 1988, in his last few months in office, Reagan asserted we were suffering because of the policies of FDR and LBJ.

    Just because Republicans in Congress have reduced funding for the VA doesn’t mean they are responsible for the VA not having enough money to do its job. Its OK if you’re a Republican.

    I learned all this from watching Fox news.
    6/4/2014 11:49 PM EST
    Re: Dana Milbank: From Bergdahl to Benghazi, Republicans fire up the scandal machine – The Washington Post
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    The biggest problem for the Poor is they do not have enough money. The moral failings of the Poor are FAR less than the moral failings of the wealthy. We have far more to fear from the Undeserving Rich than we have to fear from the Undeserving Poor.

    Young people coming out of college this year whose parents and grandparents gave them the maximum allowable gift each year since birth are entering the job market with about $3 million worth of stocks and bonds producing over $100,000 worth of interest and dividends each year. Somehow they manage to get by.

    The Poor simply do not choose their ancestors any where near as well the very rich.
    6/2/2014 2:23 PM EST

  7. BigGuy says

    Above, I copied a post from my comments at the Washington Post but got the wrong parts. Sorry.

    As our Secretary of State, Clinton visited 112 countries, helping to repair a badly damaged U.S. reputation. Clinton unveiled the Global Hunger and Food Security program and abetted the signing of a Turkish-Armenian accord. She also improved the morale and effectiveness of the State Department bureaucracy.

    When she became Secretary of State, the State department was filled with (former) political appointees who were loyal to Republican ideology. These appointees viewed their primary purpose to be securing the lives of the unborn outside the USA and their secondary purpose to be the thwarting of any and all accomplishments by the Democratic party. Those appointees were given civil servant appointments just prior to Condi Rice leaving office so they did not have to tender their resignations when President Obama assumed office and did not do so. Hilary managed to get these civil servants who felt duty bound to destroy her and President Obama to behave constructively to advance USA foreign policy.

  8. Troy says

    She really doesn’t want to be president the wind got knocked out of her sails with Monica Lewinsky and then with Benghazi. Everyone needs to breathe and give this lady a chance to rest in her palace in Georgetown and stop all the hype.

  9. john says

    You faggots ought to be appalled at your stupidity, shallowness, and lack of support for the most brilliant, successful, experienced, moderate, qualified, overly-prepared, candidate in history who has done nothing but support you and our community.

  10. Troy says

    Sorry Johnny but us faggots are not buying what this carpet bagger is selling: what’s her plan? Where is her unique plan for a better America, a better world? It’s okay to be pro gay but your next step would be??

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