Iraq: It Was Only a Matter Of Time



Americans are reacting in shock this week to the rapid advance of the march toward Baghdad of the extremely radical Islamic ISIS militia. The group makes the old Taliban of Afghanistan look moderate. As the fringe group takes city after city, they are killing, raping and burning the homes of average Iraqi citizens.

Really there should be no shock about the emergence of ISIS in both Syria and Iraq.

The current situation has been an inevitability since Bush/Cheney took us to war in Iraq. The American invasion and occupation ensure that the more militants elements would pour into the country to fight once again the infidels from the West. America's insistence that a 'democratic form' of government was essential in the nation guaranteed that the Shiites would totally exclude the Sunnis from government, setting the stage for the current situation.

When will the United States (and for that matter most of the Western world) realize that the situation in the 'Islamic Arc' from Syria to Pakistan cannot be controlled by Western ideas, troops, or money? Every time in history we have attempted to impose our values, geographic boundaries and forms of government in this region it has only made the situation worse.

If anyone believes that we will leave a stable and democratic government behind in Afghanistan, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn. As we used to say back home, 'that simply ain't gonna happen'.

After our trillion dollar spend, ten years of warfare, more than 8,000 Americans killed and tens of thousands of American soldiers left with severe physical and mental injuries, we are faced with this crisis.

Can someone please explain to the American people exactly what we accomplished?

There will be those who blame our President who is keeping his word (yes, keeping his word!) to the American people by bringing our troops home from these loser wars. If the sun comes up in the east they blame him. There are also interventionists who actually believe if we continue to occupy Iraq and Afghanistan some splendid new day of democracy will eventually emerge from those nations.

What have they been smoking and what history books have they been reading?

Post_war_iraqThe existing boundaries of the current Islamic-dominated states in the Middle East were set by oil companies after World War I. They were divided up based on resources and now historical tribal or faith based areas. Fake monarchies were put in place and we proceeded to take their natural resources to fuel our economies. When the monarchies collapsed we supported military dictatorships including that of Iraq's Saddam Hussein and Syria's Basher al-Assad. In fact, we were the main backers of the Taliban in Afghanistan when they were opposing the Russian occupation.

Now the cries will arise to "Save Iraq' and the voices of war will once again emerge from the hawks. Demands will be made to bomb ISIS strong holds as if we can put off the inevitable. Some will demand that we send troops once again into the war torn nation.

Americans have been taken to war in the past based on lies and distortions. We cannot save democracy in Iraq. This is for the Iraqi people to solve for better or worse. The time of dictating their future is over.

We better have those helicopters ready to evacuate Americans from Baghdad because I believe they might be needed sooner rather than later.


  1. Tom says

    I guess the $2 Trillion dollars we spent there already was not enough. Where is the rest of the world on this??? Do they even want us back??????

  2. shanestud says

    To David Mixner…thanks for a brilliant, well researched and thought out opinion piece. However, Brush-Cheney, McCain and all the GOP hawks will never take responsibility for the residual emerging chaos in Iraq. As Gen. Colin Powell prophetically warned George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld..”if you break it (Iraq) you own it”

  3. Alain says

    Do not mess with the Arab world, period. It is a breed of its own kind. You can take over Africans, Latinos, Asians, whatever you want, but do not mess with the Arabs. They won’t forget, they won’t forgive, they will die it in ecstasy fulfilling their revenge. You’ll cut its head and two more virulent will emerge. I’m not being a racist, I’m just looking at history.

  4. Frank says

    Sadaam Hussein was a terrible man who killed his own people, but at least it was his problem and not ours. I hate to say it but maybe that’s what it took to keep people in line. We went in there and “liberated them” and we made it our problem.

  5. Franklin says

    ‘that simply ain’t gonna happen’ is something that a particular area is known for saying? As we say back home, ‘very interesting.’

  6. Moz's says

    Iraq is a cobbled together country of shia and sunni who have always hated each other. STRONG MAN saddam was the only thing that kept the powder keg tamped down

  7. Hue-Man says

    The admitted war criminals did accomplish one thing: the U.S. is still hobbled by the “you’re either with us or with the terrorists” used to attack “Old Europe” especially France as well as Canada for not getting dragged into the Iraq debacle. Worse, the U.S. diverted resources from Afghanistan (“there’s nothing left to bomb”) and precipitated the mess that’s been left behind in that country.

    I wonder what the new overlords will do with the American Embassy fortress when they take over? Like Saddam’s palaces, the videos will be entertaining…”Brownie, you’re doing a heckuva job.”

  8. Rowan says

    What can you do? But our alleged democracies also have their own issues-wish we could fix our own instead of going off messing other places but where is the fun$$$$$$ in that?

    Rumsfeld and Cheney made $$$$$$ over Iraq. Tony Blair ltd now the Middle East consultant for the….yep..UN. And is raking it with all these so called ltd companies he has.

    And the rest of us? Still so GD stupid, racist-Obama’s fault!-and insane to actually demand a better democracy in our own countries!

    Look at that moron Lincoln who has brought up Obama when the whole Iraq war was what made Bush jnr famous?

    We’re so damaged as human beings that our pathetic irrational and childish fears always take over our critical thinking. Everything is so kneejerk and short-term.

    We knew this was going to happen. In the UK we actually marched against this war.

    But Saddam was bad. Yet we were the ones who put him in power for chrissakes!?

    Yet people would rather waste their petty little time and energy waging wars on gays, ethnic minorities, poor people etc in their western homelands, then read a GD book on politics!

  9. says

    I understand where you’re coming from, David, but the time to save Iraq was before we let our president lie us into invading the country. A lot of Americans disagreed with the invasion and said so at the time, but far more Americans went along with it like sheep, and so we broke Iraq, and now we own it. No question Democracy won’t work in that country, but for us to just hand the broken pieces of the nation we wrecked over to its people and say, “Fix it yourself,” is just plain wrong. I don’t know if we should reinstate the draft and refuse to let the right wing chicken hawks’ kids off — a lot of them have sons and daughters who would do just fine as grunts with a gun — but this attitude of “It ain’t my problem” is immoral. We set Iraq on this path; we need to do something to stop it, not just throw up our hands and whine that they don’t think like us or live like us, so they’re not worth as much as us.

  10. disgusted american says

    Another Obama foreigh policy success story.

    Posted by: LincolnLounger | Jun 12, 2014 3:23:23 PM

    ….and this is Obama’s Fault…HOW??????

  11. I wont grow up says

    You liberals crack me up. Obama has been in power 6 years, and he has done nothing. Hillary and Kerry were useless. The whole world hates us and Ole jug Ears cow tows to the muslims and bows to leaders of every nation that laughs at us, But all the libs think he’s the second coming because he gave us healthcare. Remember my gay brothers and sisters he was against gay marriage during his first campaign, but when it became politically advantageous, he changed his tune. You don’t even know when you’re being used. Now go ahead and attack me with your name calling and nasty comments, I served 20 years in the USMC and the last 25 as a police officer, both of them as a proud gay man, I can take anything you can dish out.

  12. Lucas H says

    Good thing we spent all that time preparing their law enforcement and military to handle exactly this type of situation! Whew, what a relief!

  13. anon says

    It’s true the US is still trying to enforce Churchillian foreign policy set at the end of WWI, but the current crisis owes more to the imbalance of wealth in the Mid East as a result of radical Saudi Arabia having all the money and spending it all over the globe on Wahadist fantasies than on anything practical or ennobling. It’s not just the ME, but also Africa, the Philippines, Pakistan and Indonesia, and even in China, where the Uihgers get some money smuggled in over the desserts from the west. You can’t conflate US foreign policy and what’s happening in Iraq, because it’s happening all over the place, not just in Iraq.

  14. Gordon says

    My opinion: from what I have seen in the news, Iraqi military are cowards who will not fight for their own country. No other country can save it for them, thus Iraq is lost to the Islamic hatred for each other. Suni against Shiite .. sad but they kill each other off in the name of a mythical man in the sky. I knew that the USA would come up the loser in any intervention in the Mid-East. Mid-Eastern men revel in war and death. It is part of their culture. No one ever ‘wins’ there. There is only the next battle to regain honor and religion. Sane people should shun them and contain them in their own dismal countries to consume themselves in death and destruction.

  15. thom says

    WHEN are the right wing to GET IT????..Bush was a clueless hapless ideologue who stupidly thought god was leading him….spreading freedom and liberty…a total loser…Cheney just saw it as a $$$ opportunity…This is a mess…what a disgrace. What a bunch of losers.

  16. simon says

    I won’t grow up:
    I think you earn respect here by expressing some grown up mature opinion, not because you have a gun.
    Democrats have not done enough. But they have done at least something. Like the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell. Implementation of DOMA court decision at all levels of government. The withdrawal of most of the troops from Afghanistan.
    You have to ask yourself one question. Would Mitt Romney accomplished all these things if he were elected.
    A federal marriage amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman, which conservatives have unsuccessfully brought to a vote several times in Congress. You overlooked this and blamed Obama for not supporting gay marriage earlier?

  17. MickyFlip says

    “It’s not going to change… It’s actually human nature; the way that we go on this endless cycle of attacking each other.” ~ PJ Harvey

  18. Frank says

    @I don’t want to group up. Plenty of liberals are upset with Obama over many issues, including the NSA surveillance program and the continued drone strikes in Pakistan to name a few. As far as kowtowing goes, liberals are definitely upset that Obama has spent the better part of the last 6 years of his Presidency capitulating to an extended tantrum from the right in America. Also, thank you for your service, but sis, don’t think that you are the only one who chose to raise you right hand and pledge to serve. There are plenty have been plenty of liberals and independents in the ranks throughout the years, and I’m pretty sure we can hold our own as well.

  19. emjayay says

    I Won’t: If you resort to name calling, don’t be so surprised when someone calls you on it. And I don’t see any nasty comments about you, just by you. You can be in the military and be a cop for 200 years if you want. It doesn’t make you right about anything.

  20. emjayay says

    Nice job David Mixner. Chris Matthews had David Corn and Congressman Joe Manchin on tonight all saying exactly the same things, by the way.

  21. Rafael says

    “Can someone please explain to the American people exactly what we accomplished?”

    President Bush accomplished political pay-offs through reconstruction. It was a concerted effort for which (as you noted) many Americans gave their lives.

  22. Chris says

    And next comes phase 2, the Kurdish war for independence. They advancing on Anbar and Tikrit, threatening ISIS’ supply lines. They are better disciplined and better organized than the Iraqi army. They will expect nothing less than their independence as a reward.

  23. Markt says

    Absolutely no surpirse – so why all the drama from the media? Not because drama sells I’m sure. ISIL/S has held parts of Iraq for over a year. It’s unfolding more or less as expected. How strongly and quickly will Iran act to protect the Shia communities in the south east is a question that will be answered and affects our response. How to get Turkey and the Kurds to work together should be something we put energy into. It’s really not helpful to get all panty twisted about something that was bound to happen. That’s one of Obama’s strong points and makes me love him right now.

  24. NwYrkr says

    I Won’t Grow Up, the 2011 withdrawal was negotiated with the Maliki government (“elected” while Bush was in power) during the Bush Administration. The only way American service men and women could stay after that time was if Obama agreed that they would be subject to Iraqi law and Obama refused to allow our men and women to be subject to Iraqi law and our troops where brought home, where they belong. How is that kow-towing ?

  25. james street james says

    Another aspect of the Republican f*ck-up was the decision to keep Iraq in one piece. At the very least the Kurds should have been allowed to reform Kurdistan and now it looks like they have another chance to do this. There should have been two separate areas, one for Sunni, one for Shiite. And maybe even a fourth area (tribal, miscellaneous, none of the above, all of the above?)

    The decision to keep a unified Iraq was oil based, to keep control of the oil. It was never in America’s interest to have a unified Iraq for security reasons.

    Four separate areas would be less powerful and less of a threat to anyone. It looks like we may have a resolution in this direction soon.

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