1. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    I pray to the old gods and the new that Oberyn Martell’s untimely skull smushing doesn’t mean we no longer get to see the shapely bare butt of his boy toy, Olyvar.

  2. Michael says

    I watched this episode last night, finding myself peeved at myself for being so shocked GoT killed off my favorite character, as if that hadn’t happened 100 times before.

    The old “fool me once, fool me twice…” is now at the “fool me for the 20th time…”

  3. MajorTom says

    Oberyn had obviously watched The Princess Bride too many times. It’s never over until it’s over, and it isn’t over until you’re holding your opponent’s severed head in your hand.

  4. snork says

    Let’s get the freakishly tall Irish gay guy the mix. Then this will be Towleroad news. Let’s troll Andy in Provincetown this summer! Shhh.. don’t tell him.

  5. Glenn says

    After the Red Wedding, I gave up on GOT and then I get sucked in again by Oberyn. I should have known. Also, I can’t believe that Pedro Pascal is the same guy who plays that non-entity agent in The Mentalist.

  6. swellster says

    Haven’t any of you folks read the books? Ned Stark getting his head lopped off, the Red Wedding, Joffrey being poisoned at his own weeding, Oberyn Martell dying at the hands of the Mountain … all of those are in the books. There is another twist coming that I think you will enjoy though, but I won’t spoil it for you.

  7. SpaceCadet says

    @Swellster, no, obviously not everyone has read the books nor plans to. They are massive and time-consuming and a lot of people are fine with only keeping to the televised version. I myself though am thinking of picking up the books from the beginning. To the others complaining of how the character should have just finished off the Mountain, I think that was the point of the author. Oberyn was too caught up in the past and couldn’t let it go and it led to his demise. Yes, it’s not satisfying to the viewers/readers, but it’s pretty true to real life and not your typical Hollywood happy ending, so I got to respect that. And really, I think we enjoy the shock factor and that anything can happen but you should never expect that the “good guy” will always win.

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