1. Jackson says

    There is no such thing ss “LGBT teens.” There are LGB teens and T teens. This film deals with one gender confused female who may be T. It has nothing to do with being a gay teen and it is lying to LGB youth to tell them that being gay means that they are gender confused.

  2. says

    And yet, “Jackson the Troll”, the gay people who hold your opinion are always the most useless, cowardly, and unintelligent with zero presence, zero integrity and you’re pretty much complete wimps.

    So yeah. Those of us who embrace being LGBT, as a united front, are always stronger. And we always will be. #suckit

  3. Mark says

    I love Joaquin Phoenix, but surely he can spare the $40,000 to finance this project himself. What’s with people like him or the execrable Linda Bloodworth-Thomason going the crowdfunding route?

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