1. gr8guya says

    How did Comedy Central let John Oliver get away? He should have been the replacement for Stephen Colbert. His single-topic shows have the ability to go into depths that The Daily Show doesn’t cover. John Oliver has found his voice; it’s both hilarious and deeply moving.

  2. Nick says

    John Oliver’s show last night was wonderful.
    He is terrific and has found his voice-and audience. He is insightful, biting, hilarious and intelligent. Love him

  3. Gregoire says

    I almost wish it were an entire show on one topic. The last 15 minutes of the past two or three episodes have been television at their greatest.

  4. Randy says

    I thought that song was made-up, but it’s real.

    It’s by Signe Walsøe. It was posted on her Facebook and YouTube (Part I and Part II!), and has received … shall we say … negative response.

    I don’t suppose anyone saved it, before it was removed from YouTube?

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