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Marriott Kicks Off #LoveTravels Campaign, Showcases LGBT Community: VIDEO


What is #LoveTravels? Everyone seems to have a different answer in Marriott's new photo and video campaign for LGBT-friendly travel initiatives, and perhaps that is the point. Each couple, individual, and family brings something unique to the table--prior experiences, differing identities, their own baggage (literally)--and deserves an experience that suits them. 

CollinsSays the hotel chain's lesbian and gay travel website:

At Marriott®, there is no room for inequality. We believe that every guest, whoever they are, wherever they go, should feel comfortable and welcome the moment they walk through our doors.

#LoveTravels when you can be yourself — whoever you are and wherever you go. We partnered with renowned photographer Braden Summers to capture beautiful portraits that show the world how love travels the moment you walk through our doors.

Individuals photographed for the campaign include openly gay NBA player Jason Collins and transgender model Geena Rocero.

Check out a video exploring the meaning of #LoveTravels, AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. Forgive me, but I have family that are Marriott workers: this is a Mormon-run biz, selling booze while condemning booze, welcoming gays while spending big bucks to stop gays from equity anywhere.
    Could we please have an explanation - and fiscal proof - of a corporate sea-change? Otherwise, we are paying the enemy.

    Posted by: Wavin' Dave | Jun 2, 2014 1:05:19 PM

  2. Ummmm- Marriott is a Mormon owned company..... They dont like us...... Remember Prop 8??? They poured MILLIONS into it against us & now they want our $$?? Sorry no........

    Posted by: tabsea | Jun 2, 2014 1:06:36 PM

  3. And don't forget the bile spewed by the owner of the San Diego Marriott....and the ensuing protests.

    Posted by: greg | Jun 2, 2014 1:26:05 PM

  4. And don't forget the bile spewed by the owner of the San Diego Marriott....and the ensuing protests.

    Posted by: greg | Jun 2, 2014 1:26:05 PM

  5. Other than the Mormons aren't currently advocating death, what is the difference between the Dorchester Group and Beverly Hills Hotel and any chain Marriott? The ads?

    Posted by: Steve Talbert | Jun 2, 2014 1:38:31 PM

  6. Anti-gay douches!

    Posted by: litper | Jun 2, 2014 1:48:43 PM

  7. Guys. Just because someone is Mormon does not mean they are anti-gay. Why are we stereotyping here? Not all Mormons think the same way. I know many who are in full support of gay rights. Prove to me that Marriott has some how donated to anti-gay causes, and then we will talk.

    Posted by: Evan C | Jun 2, 2014 1:59:50 PM

  8. To be fair, Marriott did come out against the "Religious Freedom Act" in Arizona and urged the governor to veto the bill. It may be owned by Mormons. But self-interest may dictate their business decision to distinguish themselves from the other Mormons. Probably one should not lump all the Mormons in one single category.

    Posted by: simon | Jun 2, 2014 2:20:48 PM

  9. There seems to be some confusion here. Marriott International, Inc. is a publicly traded company. Granted it was founded by a Mormon family that continues to own a large chunk of the company and it continues to be a generally conservative company. But there is no evidence the Marriott (company or family) donated to Prop 8. [Link to Marriott statement:]

    The San Diego Marriott is a franchised property - so the owner is free to speak as he sees fit. It didn't work out so well for him - did it?

    My biggest complaint about Marriott properties is they tend to only serve Pepsi products - and I am addicted to Diet Coke.

    Posted by: MikeBoston | Jun 2, 2014 2:23:09 PM

  10. Neither Mr. Marriot nor his family donated to Prop 8 and neither did the Marriott Corporation. Marriott also scores 100 on HRC's rankings.

    In fact Bill Marriott came out against Prop 8 in a company blog post

    Posted by: Greg | Jun 2, 2014 2:29:01 PM

  11. looks like MikeBoston and I are thinking alike .

    Posted by: Greg | Jun 2, 2014 2:30:44 PM

  12. Marriott is complicated. It is not owned by the LDS church, but rather there are individuals who are Mormon that control/have ownership.There are Lesbian, Gay and non-religious individuals in upper management. Marriott still require the Bible and Book of Mormon as a standard in all there hotel rooms, but they do not discriminate in who they hire.Some Marriott hotels are owned directly by Marriott International and others are franchised to scores of other companies.

    Posted by: Greg | Jun 2, 2014 2:42:22 PM

  13. Not only they don't discriminate, Marriott International has had domestic-partner benefits since the late 1980s.

    Posted by: simon | Jun 2, 2014 3:16:28 PM

  14. movie gay download free click !!!!

    Posted by: cilpdede | Jun 2, 2014 3:16:45 PM

  15. Mitt Romney is on the board of directors.

    Posted by: Latebrosus | Jun 2, 2014 5:00:50 PM

  16. I don't even remember why, but I don't do Marriott. Has something changed recently?

    Posted by: Randy | Jun 2, 2014 6:00:09 PM

  17. I just stayed in some Marriott hotels, and they each had both a Gideon bible and a Book of Mormon in the nightstand drawer. I filed that away as a reason to avoid Marriott properties in the future.

    It's good that they are inviting gay customers, and overtly support equality -- they'd be fools not to. But I'd feel way better about them if they didn't promote religious nonsense.

    Posted by: traveler | Jun 2, 2014 7:43:23 PM

  18. @EVAN C, @MIKEBOSTON, et al…to be an LDS member in good standing means tithing. The church expects 10% of members' gross income. Progressive members might not donate to anti-gay causes directly, but they still dutifully finance the church's adventures.

    "Prove to me that Marriott has some how donated to anti-gay causes"

    Mormon = tithing = funding prop 8, NOM (presumably), the recent anti equality lobbying in Hawaii, etc. It's not stereotyping. Tithing is part of being LDS.

    Posted by: JJ | Jun 2, 2014 8:25:06 PM

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