Mexico Fans Chant Homophobic Slurs At World Cup Match For The Third Time: VIDEO

Delia fischer FIFA head of media

Following reports of Mexican soccer fans chanting the abusive term “puto” during recent World Cup matches, the country’s fans were again heard using the abusive term at a June 29 fixture against the Netherlands. “Puto” is the Spanish word for a male prostitute, "fag" or "coward", and a derogatory term for gay men.

Mexican fans previously chanted the homophobic slur during matches against Brazil and Cameroon.

Although Mexican soccer coach Miguel Herrera said that the slur, chanted by fans during opposition goal kicks, is “not that bad,” Alejandro Brito Lemus, the director of the Mexican magazine Letra S, which covers LGBTQI issues, said that the use of the term by soccer fans is “completely homophobic.”

The Mexican football federation was under investigation following reports made by Football Against Racism Europe. However, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) ultimately decided to take no action against the Mexican football federation as the chant “is not considered insulting in this specific context.” FIFA has since dismissed the charge as “improper conduct.”

Despite vocally disapproving of the behavior of Mexico’s fans, both ESPN and Univision broadcast the chants, as OutSports reports.

In a statement, ESPN sportscaster Bob Ley said:

“This is a long-standing tradition at Mexican national team matches. The word is an anti-gay slur in Spanish. Here at the World Cup this has become a bit of an international issue. FIFA has looked into it. Mexican officials have acknowledged the impossibility of policing the conduct and language of tens of thousands of fans. By way of background and information, you should know that ESPN does not control the audio and video of the international feed.”

Univision also warned viewers that offensive chants might be accidentally broadcast during the June 29 match:

“We recognize that during the game there may be language, or chants, from some fans that are offensive to some members of our television audience.  Although we realize this can happen in any televised sporting event, we do not, in any case, condone or endorse the use of such language. Univision Communications supports a World Cup that is inclusive, one that celebrates the diversity of the sport we love and can be enjoyed by all – absent what can be the hurtful consequences of certain words. In this regard, we strive to make sure that our own coverage and commentary is respectful and inclusive of all, including the gay community. This is our commitment to our audience, our community and our partners."

Although FIFA President Sepp Blatter and Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff have pledged to use the World Cup as a platform against racism and discrimination, many feel that FIFA’s actions are hypocritical as it has awarded the 2018 World Cup to Russia and the 2022 event to Qatar, despite human rights abuses in those countries and Russia’s 2013 decision to pass anti-gay laws.

Watch a report into FIFA's investigations, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. MaryM says

    FIFA is a criminal organisation which is run on bribery and corruption.

    Of course it will take no action – suitcases full of used banknotes have been exchanged.

    That pigf***er Sepp Blatter ought to be in jail.

  2. crispy says

    Well, Mexico lost to the Netherlands and were eliminated from the World Cup in a controversial call with just minutes left in the game.

    Just deserts.

  3. jjose712 says

    The word doesn’t mean a thing in spanish from Spain (nobody in Spain use that word).
    In latinamerica has several meanings.

    A decade ago or so the Mexican pop group Molotov had some trouble with a song named Puto. They tried to justify, but the lyrics of the song explaining themselves far beyond of that word.

    Well, Mexico is gone, so good riddance.
    The country is evolving, but they had a culture of machismo that won’t be easy to remove

  4. Rick says

    Different culture, different rules. Who are we to judge? Mexican culture places a great deal of emphasis on masculinity (like American culture used to). While the use of homophobic slurs is never acceptable, it is at least understandable in this instance as a reaction to the effeminization of Western culture currently being undertaken by the more “liberal” nations of the world. There’s no place for feminized weakness in sports.

  5. crispy says

    Rick, sigh. Have you seen the Mexican national team? You talk a lot of backwards crap but you don’t actually seem to know anything.

    Their star player, Giovani dos Santos, is about as fey as you can get. And Javier Hernandez looks like a little boy.

    Also, they lost. How’s that masculine ideal working out for them?

  6. Onnyjay says

    Oh come on, people. What if the were chanting the Spanish equivalent of “Darkie” or “Jew”? Get a grip, if we don’t stand up and cry “Bigot” we’ll get more Ugandas and Qatars and Russias murdering gays for sport. Is that macho enough?

  7. Rick says

    Crispy (though by now you’re surely soggy and limp), Stop attacking me and accept the truth I put forth. I know you’re fully invested in undermining masculine culture, but the revolts we’ve seen from people who see right through the LGB movement cannot be ignored any longer. And no amount of “pro-LGB” propaganda will change that truth.

  8. crispy says

    Huh? Now you’re just talking gibberish.

    If masculinity is so important to you, let’s get a link to photos of you playing sports. They don’t exist, do they?

  9. Rick says

    Crispy, I owe you nothing. My truth has nothing to do with THE truth. But I’m quite confident in my masculinity. I don’t throw my sexual orientation in anybody’s face. Nor should I.

  10. says

    I was a big sissy when I first started my journey as a homosexual. But I outgrew that fruitless lifestyle and am on a much brighter path a result. Your seething jealously is palpable.

  11. Rick says

    Ah, LittleCanadian is here to impart his wisdom to the uneducated masses. Such a beacon of feminine strength. Oh wait – that’s an oxymoron.

  12. The Milkman says

    All it would take would be for FIFA to disqualify the Mexican team next time around, should the behavior happen again. Warn them, monitor them, then kick them out. I betcha they’d self-police after that… assuming that they want to win.

  13. says

    I guess I’m the type of “feminine gay man” who inspires the heterosexuals around him to become vocal and visible advocates for LGBT equality. I show myself, and I stand up to be counted, because I’m strong enough to do so. I am sorry that you were never loved by your own family, Rick. Truly. I can see how much it’s messed you up – but it’s not the fault of the “effeminate gay men” you harp about daily that your father never loved you.

    Try being a real man sometime. Men stand up to be counted, and meet their challenges from a place of honesty. You troll because you know you’re exactly what everyone here has called you out as – a coward, a wimp, an insecure and deeply self-hating excuse for a man.

    If my strength is feminine, then it’s freakin’ wonderful. because it’s meant 15 years of being proudly openly gay, and it’s meant the straight people in my life have been inspired to be visible and vocal advocates for our diverse communities.

    you can’t show yourself, nor what any of your straight friends or family have done. and there’s a reason for that. a sad one.
    enjoy, Rick. look at all you’re missing out on by choosing to be an insecure self-hater.

  14. McMike says

    WTF do they mean there’s nothing they can do about it? They suggested last week they could black out the games as penalties. Let’s see how quickly the fans would change

  15. SFshawn says

    So Mexico loses and OF COURSE it’s the refs fault? Different culture. Different rules.
    Time for the losers/homophobic fans to go home and LEARN how to play the game like good sportmen instead of macho closet cases!

  16. Rick says

    Like I’d ever be jealous of an effeminate twerp like you, Kiwi. I’m plenty fulfilled. Sadly most of the weak bedfellows you’re so proud of are not. They’re living a lie promoted by the Liberal agenda to keep gay men weak and docile. If you can’t see the writing on the wall, I almost feel sorry for you. But you’re such cretin that don’t. I pity you, I loathe you, but I do not feel sorry for you. Compassion is reserved only for the people who cannot help themselves.

  17. says

    Prove it. 😀
    I show all the joys I’m experiencing, and you can’t. And we all know the reason. I’m sorry your father never loved you, but many gay men were born to similarly-bigoted fathers. They learned to rise above it, you can too.
    there’s no reason to feel sorry for me. I’ve got a brilliant life. Love, joy, friends, family, my lovers.

    Weak? Docile? Says the anonymous coward. I was more man at 16 than you’ll ever be.

  18. Mike in the Tundra says

    Little Kiwi, I guess we should all feel sorry for the pathetic Rick, but it’s hard to ignore the bile that he spews forth on this blog. We all know that Rick is most probably just the thing he says he hates. I can see the self hatred in his words.

  19. Rick says

    I love how you two are trying to analyze my psychology. You guys are so blinded by your bias. It’s hysterical and sad.

  20. walter says

    actually the best reward is that these homophobes lost to a gay friendly country like the netherlands adios mexico.

  21. Tyler says

    Rick, why are you posting racist comments under my name? What did I do to you today? I’m minding my own business.

  22. Rick says

    NONE OF THE POSTS IN THE THREAD UP TO THIS POINT HAVE BEEN MADE BY ME, THE “REAL” RICK. Any more discerning person should be able to tell that–I don’t call people names like “twerp”, I certainly would not defend the homophobia of Latinos, etc., etc.

    They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and judging from the number of times people post as impostors on this blog using my name, I guess they think a great deal of me and have been profoundly impacted by me, despite their denial of such.

    Others try to convince themselves that I have umpteen aliases, when, in fact, I have never once posted under any name other than Rick.

    Still others, when I am gone for days or weeks at a time, introduce me into threads and try to anticipate what I would say.

    Poor Derrick in Philly has gotten to the point where he can barely post any comment without mentiioning me in it, even if I have not posted anything in the thread.

    So thanks for all the compliments–I am glad I have made some people who normally do not expose themselves to any views other than their own clone-like views think and I hope I have enlightened quite a few, as well.

  23. anon says

    I don’t see any resolution to this issue because FIFA doesn’t control the fans and who’s going to police the live stream? They’ll probably put up disclaimers before each broadcast: warning, fan noise may offend some viewers.

  24. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL @ “Others try to convince themselves that I have umpteen aliases, when, in fact, I have never once posted under any name other than Rick.”

    Oh, child, please. Instead of the “Three Faces of Eve” we have the “Thirty Faces of Rick” LOL

  25. nativo says

    Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal took offence to a twitter post by a Dutch airline that he considered offensive to Mexicans and yet he seems to have no idea why gays would be offended by the use of a word that is the most offensive words used to insult gays in Mexico.

  26. jarago says

    These homophobic idiots got eliminated- and I hope the winning goal was mad a gay player.

  27. Tyler says

    Derrick, not sure who Rick is fooling. It’s been well established that he posts under a dozen usernames. I don’t think he quite understands that he had no credibility.

  28. Randy says

    “Mexican officials have acknowledged the impossibility of policing the conduct and language of tens of thousands of fans.”

    This is easy to do. If your fans act this way, your team is disqualified and/or banned from future events.

  29. Kyle C. says

    I lived in M Mexico for 8 years and yes puto is indeed a gay slur and ANY native would tell you that. It may have subtext meanings on top of still being a gay slur.

  30. Junior says

    Wonder how they’d feel if we called them spics or wetbacks? I guess respect is only reserved for some depending on the group you belong to

  31. Babooo says

    I’m so sick of the apologetic crowd justifying subtle and blatant prejudice against gay people. They have bettered woman’s syndrome

  32. Two Dads says

    They want to change a beloved football team’s name (Redskins) which a majority of Native Americans like the name, but a clear cut homophobic chant is seen as “no big deal”

    The double standard is startling

  33. Luis says

    I’m Mexican and yes it is a gay slur and MANY LGBT youth have stated they are deeply hurt by it, but often the heavily catholic leaders come and tell the gay youth to be silent. it’s awful, and so many gay kids cant even enjoy soccer in my country because of the mentality

  34. Michelle says

    Thankfully Mexico just got eliminated. They also violently attacked the Croatian and Netherlands fans at both matches

  35. Stephens says

    WHO CARES ! It’s soccer for fk sake. What do you expect from these loser uneducated life forms?

  36. Benny says

    Mexicans are generally a dirty, ignorant, loud, inconsiderate, animal-abusing, Catholic-hypocrite, violent, diseased people.

    Is anybody really surprised they hate fags ?

  37. RICK says

    My anus constantly itches, and this morning I found little worms in my bed, what does this mean ?

    Could I have caught them from the dirty Mexican I blew all night last night, or did I get them from my St. Bernard, who I also blow on a nightly basis ?

  38. Joseph Singer says

    FIFA and the IOC are both corrupt organizations who only care about enriching themselves. They could give a chit about soccer (FIFA) or the games (IOC.)

  39. Bellah says

    puto is not fag it is a male prostitute straight or gay. as in sell out, as in house negro as in coconut as in apple. you can not apply American defintions to a culture or dialect not your own

  40. Nick says

    Tyler, please don’t be that person.

    Although more people than I would like to admit have chanted that or defended the chant, I want to think that’s because they’re idiots, not because they’re Mexican.

    Rick, go back to your cage.

  41. Spokker says

    “Univision Communications supports a World Cup that is inclusive, one that celebrates the diversity of the sport we love and can be enjoyed by all – absent what can be the hurtful consequences of certain words.”

    Why would they support this when the vast majority of fans don’t? This isn’t a bunch of bad apples. It’s 90% of the crowd.

    It’s a weird situation because it’s like they hate most of their fans and disagree with them. Who is the game for, anyway?