1. DetroitDyke says

    “I had to admit to myself that I was a real girl.”

    LOL! As if being a “real girl” means dressing up like a porn star and slathering make up on your face. This isn’t womanhood. It is what a male porn consumer believes womanhood to be.

  2. Thedrdonna says

    @DD: huh, it’s really lucky that you’re here to show us the One True Way to be a woman. I guess I’ll draft letters to Cher, Katy Perry, and the Kardashians to let them know they’ve been kicked out of the sisterhood.

  3. Sharon says

    TheDrDonna –

    What audacity for a the very mannish man The DrDonna – whose huge dong still very much fills his pants – to come here to lecture women about the sisterhood.

    Some women may dress up like a porn star. That is not what makes us women. Some women may prance around acting “girly” or performing for men whatever stereotype they have in their heads – that isn’t what makes us women. What does make us women – well, you will never know that, dear.

  4. emjayay says

    Sorry, but Cher is first of all in show biz. And she has never dressed like a stripper or a whore. She wore a ton of eye liner etc. back in the day because that’s what a certain type of really cool girls did, and she was really cool. She got famous for wearing a lot of incredible gay Bob Mackie COSTUMES. Katy Perry: entertainer, and good at keeping her image on the internet. Kardashians: talentless low rent media whores.

  5. Thedrdonna says

    @Emjayjay: My point was that if Sharon wants to set some arbitrary bar of what makes a woman she chose some pretty stupid rules. She’s obviously got some profound bigotry towards trans folk, though, so she can be safely ignored.

  6. Sharon says

    DrDonna – No, there’s nothing “arbitrary” about being a woman. It’s your folks who think that gender is arbitrary and can be changed by fiat, even on a day-to-day basis.

    Oh, and sorry about your d*ck. Good luck with the carving!

  7. MaryM says

    Why is this story of any interest to LGB people?

    Most MTF trannies identify as straight. Shouldn’t they be demanding that the women’s movement start acting on their toilet access issues.

    Tranny issues are not LGB issues.

    Drop the T. It’s LGB.

  8. MaryM says

    Trannies never seem to be able to explain why they are unable to move outside the gender binary.

    If they identify as women in their heads then fine. Why do they need surgery to prove this.

    They are merely reinforcing the gender binary – women must dress like whores to be regarded as real.

  9. MaryM says

    “Can’t we all just get along?”

    I could support the trannies in THEIR fight (which is not the LGB fight) if the activist element community was not so hysterical, insane, misogynistic and homophobic.

    It’s time for the trannies to start organising their own equality movement, and fundraising activities and court cases, instead of riding on the coattails of a movement – the LGG movement – which has nothing to do with theirs.

    It’s time to split the T from LGB (LGBT was imposed upon the LGB community without any discussion after all)

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