Sally ‘Gays are Worse than Terrorists’ Kern’s Husband Hopes to Join Her in the Oklahoma Legislature

Oklahoma Rep. Sally "gays are worse than terrorists" Kern's husband wants to join her in the legislature, the AP reports:

KernA familiar name is on the ballot in a Republican primary for the open Senate District 40 seat in northwest Oklahoma City that includes portions of Nichols Hills, Bethany, The Village and Warr Acres. Steve Kern, a 67-year-old evangelical pastor, is the husband of state Rep. Sally Kern, who made national headlines in 2008 when she said homosexuals pose a greater threat to the country than terrorism.

A vocal critic of gay marriage, Steve Kern didn't distance himself from his wife's comments, saying that "they were true in the sense that the (gay) agenda was more stealthy than the terrorists' agenda."

In a separate incident two years ago, Sally Kern was reprimanded and delivered an apology on the House floor after denigrating blacks and women during debate on an affirmative action bill.

Kern has five other Republican competitors in the June 24 primary.

Also in Oklahoma's primary is Paula Sophia, a 48-year-old transgender Army combat veteran and ex-police officer. Sophia is running for the open House District 88 seat in central Oklahoma City and would be Oklahoma's first transgender elected official if she won.


  1. Tre says

    Why aren’t evangelical pastors disqualified from running for political office? It seems that mixing religion into politics is the fastest way to turn our government into a theocracy, which the Constitution CLEARLY forbids.

  2. titus says

    I assume that Oklahoma law requires to live in the district you are running for election. so here is a “religious” “married” couple representing two districts. they can’t live in two places at once. and I thought that wife is to serve her husband, how could she do that by not living together.

  3. footwork61 says

    Sally claims to follow the bible but disregards the passage that says that women should not teach — or hold positions of authority over — men.

    That immediately nullifies anything else the former school teacher (of both boys and girls)says.

  4. jamal49 says

    @JEFF It actually represents what’s wrong with the Republican Party right now, a political entity completely controlled christian fundamentalist filth and evangelical effluvia. This is America’s future if voters keep electing Republicans to positions of governance.

  5. BearDaddyJeff says

    For Titus:
    Actually Sally Kern is a member of the House of Representatives, the lower legislative chamber and Rev./Mr. Kern is vying for a seat in the Oklahoma State Senate, the upper legislative chamber. Senate and House Districts are apportioned seperately, however Sally’s House District is a part of Sentate District 40. Their address listed on their candidate filing forms lists and address in that common area.

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