1. JackFknTwist says

    And when found guilty of dereliction of duty he will repay all of the “paid administrative leave” in order that justice will be seen to be done.

    He should not be compensated when he knew what he was doing was against Police Rules.

  2. johnny says

    Wow, 1 week paid vacation for disobeying an order…?

    Where do I sign up?

    I’ve never understood why there is anything called “paid administrative leave”. It’s a reward for bad behavior, nothing more. It happens all the time in our city, for officers found drunk on duty, sexual harrassment, etc. Hey, mess up and get a vacation! Great!

  3. pete n sfo says

    Any psychologists out there?

    What’s the title for folks like this? It’s like a child having a tantrum. It seems similar to the guys carrying rifles into fast-food joints as well.

    What’s the diagnosis for people that need to project their personal convictions on total strangers? Imagining some kind of control in a totally random world.

    I find myself wondering if he acted alone or if some group didn’t solicit him as their campaign spokesperson for Xtian “oppression”.

  4. Bernie says

    bakers won’t bake cakes for us, now a police officer doesn’t want to do his job! What’s next?? and, I am waiting for the police officer to declare his “religious” objections to protecting gay people….

  5. Terry says

    aren’t bigotry and intolerance part of the mormon creed? Paid leave to go home force his wives into the kitchen and screw his daughters. Freedom, Freedom, Freedom OY!

  6. Chuck Mielke says

    While I won’t defend the officer’s defiance, I will point out that such behavior is the rational consequence of promoting personal ethics and/or bringing religion into spheres it shouldn’t occupy, like the workplace.

    @ Raybob: You seem to ignore the fact that such a “leave” is a black mark on an officer’s record, making him markedly easier to terminate. Police officers and their respective departments are VERY sensitive to anything that makes them look bad. This particular officer will have a difficult time regaining his status within the department.

  7. Twins says

    Good for him. Most gays are probably fuming because he refused to work at the SLC pride. He stood up for his beliefs. Some of these parades are one big orgy and are counter-productive anyway. Stripping down to your bedazzled speedo isn’t advancing the cause.

  8. Spread 'Em says

    @Twins: Having a bunch of massive-schlonged gay men in bedazzled (and bedazzling) speedos is PRECISELY when a heightened police presence is required.

  9. DeathsHeadHawkMoth says

    They say they don’t tolerate bias or bigotry, and don’t allow personal opinion to decide whether an officer will take a post or not; yet they PAY HIM for refusing to do his job due to bias, bigotry and personal opinion.

    This is indicative of why gays don’t bother calling the police in the first place.

    @Chuck Mielke, sorry, but I don’t think you are correct in this case. Maybe this would be a mark on his record, if it wasn’t about gays. But since it is, this police officer is still in good standing. He is probably a local hero to his superiors and fellow police officers.

    Maybe gays in the district can stop paying taxes related to police service, given that they are not entitled to such service.

  10. Twins says

    @Spread em’I agree. Things might get out of hand when you put nearly naked horny gay men together but I’m sure there were several other law enforcement officers patrolling the parade.
    @Little Kiwi I’m all for visibility but does it have to be in a sexual manner? It simply re-enforces the stereotype that gay men are overly sexual and promiscuous. Dance Kiwi but with your clothes on :) Standing by the speedo guys is probably the only action you get which is why you support it so much.

  11. simon says

    I think paid leave is justifiable under the assumption he is innocent until proven guilty. There is a review going on. If found guilty, more severe punishment will be meted out.

  12. says

    TWINS – do you actually believe that antigay folks show up to pride parades and say “Well, I’m on the fence about these gays. This parade today will determine whether or not I hate gay people. I don’t care about all those PFLAG people wearing clothes, no sir. If i see guys wearing speedos, I’m going to keep hating gays!”

    do you think that happens? if so, you’re a f***ing moron.

    PRIDE is a day to not care what haters think. Try is some time. Or keep being a wimpy little coward like you’re destined to be for the rest of your life.

    Every year the lamest wimpy homosexual cowards complain about “speedos in pride” – or something. Grow some balls.

  13. Twins says

    Kiwi you love to argue. Anti-gay folk don’t show up to Pride but they do see the videos and images on the news. Some of those images makes us look like sexual deviants. Dance if that makes you happy Kiwi. No need to be bitter :)

  14. says

    for Jason – so you can finally see what it looks like when guys kiss 😉

    It’s very simple – every year the same sack-less cowards complain about Pride, despite the reality that those who attend and participate in pride celebrations are always way more well-adjusted, comfortable with themselves, and celebrated and accepted in their lives as gay men.

    Toronto is hosting world pride this year. come see us. i’ll be in the mesh singlet.

  15. says

    While a “paid leave” does seem like a reward and he should not be paid during this time off, any kind of leave is going on his record. in most jobs, and regardless of the type of job, leaves or any kind of slights against your performance would likely “add up” and could put your job in danger. As it should be.

  16. says

    “TWINS” = haters are gonna hate. no matter what. a pride parade could be filled with nothing but boring folks in suits. the haters would still find a way to spin it.

    you need to sack UP, dude. the pride parades are not the reasons ANYONE hates gay people. it’s an excuse folks give. excuses are not worth considering – as an excuse is a cop-out that someone gives when they know they haven’t an intelligent reason to use as back up.

    I get it. You’re surrounded by sh***y people who hate gays. Not my problem, nor the problem of the folks who march in the parades.

    You’re a textbook coward. Happy pride!

  17. Bart says

    Kiwi: You should be in the mesh net, being air lifted out by helicopter. You need to address that anger issue, and it has nothing to do with parades.

  18. says

    Address your own insecurity, Troll. I do love, though, that the anonymous haters remain that. The rest of us live out loud – all you’re capable of is anonymous internet commenting about how crap your life is. Enjoy not being at pride! You’re not exactly missed.

  19. simon says

    To those who think the kind of images will cause backlash. It is highly unlikely. The death of the gay movement is highly exaggerated. The early gay prides happened in the 70s. It has been like that. Some are racier than others. If you ask whether it will cause some prudes to cringe. Absolutely. It is the same thing with the St. Patrick parades. You can see a lot of drunks shouting and vomiting. To say it will hurt the image of the Irish folks is kind of laughable. No one will think every Irish is a drunk. Some may joke about it. So what?

  20. BlueRingOctopus says

    Dear Little Kiwi,

    The grief you’re getting on this thread, while seemingly coming from different usernames, appears to be coming from one psychopath playing identity games. All the counterdiscourse against you reads like one person. I don’t even think they’re gay as they posture they are.

    You’re a cool guy. Don’t let some sadistic disembodied voice(s) tell you otherwise. If I were able to make it to Toronto Pride and happen to see you, I would try to introduce myself in the real and give you a big sweaty hug.

    Don’t stress the anti-gay drone. I know you’re an activist, but I worry about your heart sometimes when you indulge wicked ‘people’ in comments.


  21. Outraged says

    If this is the attitude of the police, then gays should get their tax dollars back that they invested into police service. Gays should not have to pay again for taxes that go to the police. With that money gays save, they could invest in a security service that WILL serve gays.

    That police officer’s job is to protect; if he doesn’t want to do his job, he should become a car salesman instead.

    The police officer should have been FIRED over this; not rewarded with not only what he wanted but paid time off as well…

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