1. Ozu says

    She’s living in Lalaland if she thinks a more conservative Republican could have won Mark Kirk’s seat. Republicans to the right of Mark Kirk cannot win statewide elections in Illinois in the current political climate. We’re about as blue as Vermont these days.

    It’s not a coincidence that the only two Republicans holding a statewide office are Kirk and State Treasurer Judy Baar-Topinka. Both are moderates who support marriage equality.

  2. Scott says

    If Sandy wants to get into the outing game, I think it’s fair to ask her about Lee LaHaye, son of Tim and Beverly.

    Lee was signing Sandy’s checks when she worked at Concerned Women for America and was reported to be a closet case by Mike Rogers.

  3. Bernie says

    Ms. Rios is a rabid right winger who knows nothing about the truth and so what if Mr. Kirk is gay? He does not have to answer to you and his truth is his own, and none of your business and does not affect the job he is elected to do

  4. Rod Roddy lookalike says

    Too late. Rios!!! You and your small-minded cronies have already ruined what was left of the GOP, long before Mr. Kirk even appeared on the scene!!!

    Good job, Sandy. What are you going to ruin next?

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