1. Zell says

    Why it’s always presented as a step forward when LGBT people make forays into religion is beyond me.

  2. B says

    Zell, because if we don’t reach across the aisle (as much as I do abhor some religious zealots), we will just continue polarize the crazy religious groups against us; the goal should be to neutralize all homophobia in all of society, even if one isn’t personally religious.

  3. KidJ/NYU says


    LGBT people have never made any forays into religion or done anything else — because there is no such thing as “LGBT people.” That concept was invented in order to artificially link LGBs with transgenders. It’s a fraud.

    As for this transgender, I think he/she is well suited for the job. Religion requires a degree of detachment from reality, the ability to believe in things that contradict the observable evidence. Living the life of a Transgender is excellent practice for the priesthood.

  4. MaryM says

    Tragic and pathetic that he suffers from this mental illness – his religious belief.

    Surely he has received an education and knows that ‘God’ is a fictional maniac and that belief in it is an act of wilfful stupidity.

  5. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    WELL! Isn’t it reassuring to see from the postings here that hate and intolerance are just as alive and well inside the LGBT community as elsewhere?

  6. Heartboy says

    Daniel you noob.

    No one is born religious. They’re just brainwashed to be.

    Are you middle aged from the 20th century with a gut you can’t get rid of?

    Well then….march on towards Jesus then lol

  7. Heartboy says

    Daniel you noob.

    No one is born religious. They’re just brainwashed to be.

    Are you middle aged from the 20th century with a gut you can’t get rid of?

    Well then….march on towards Jesus then lol

  8. MaryM says

    Daniel – if you make the lifestyle choice to believe in the genocidal sky fairy known as ‘god’ despite the complete lack of evidence for its existence then you absolutely deserve contempt and scorn.

    Being religious is a choice. Sexual orientation is not.

    This priest is an idiot of the highest order.

    Didn’t he get an education. How on earth can he believe in that ‘god’ thing?

  9. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ MaryM – if believing in a divine being makes him happy, how are you being hurt? He can believe what he wants and so can you. You certainly are saying things like “idiot” and that he has mental illness. You sound damn mad, so what is the reason? If you desire to share your belief system, you did that in the second sentence of your first comment. Why go on?

  10. MaryM says

    I’m not saying he is not free to believe in whatever fairytales he wishes.

    The respect that religious belief enjoys in this country is utterly disgraceful.

    Belief in ‘god’ makes no more sense than an adult believing in Santa Claus.

    We need to start addressing these idiots properly.

    This man believes that a fictional murderous maniac (‘God’- the thing who performed genocide against the 1st born of every Egyptian) is a higher power. THAT is an act of wilful stupifity that deserves contempt.

  11. MaryM says

    Does anyone here believe that Barack Obama actually believes in ‘god’?

    The trouble is that atheists are the least trusted section of society thanks to the religious addiction this country suffers from.

    It’s time for atheists to stand up and proudly say to religious folk – ‘Your belieds are an act of wilfful, deliberate stupidity.’

  12. Hopeful Thought says

    After reading these posts, it’s not surprising that Atheists are the least trusted religious group in this country.

    Keep speaking guys! Just as Christians can be their own worst enemies, so too can Atheists.

    Oh, and just to set the record straight, President Obama is a self-processed Christian. He establishes that in both of his memoirs. He, like most Christians, doesn’t believe in wearing his faith on his sleeve. Keeping it private shows stronger faith than posting childish, anonymous rants on the internet.

  13. Liam says

    It makes me sad that this blog is constantly bombarded with gay folks spewing hate towards everyone else. I get irritated to by the religious right, by how monolithic religion is in our country too.
    And trans folks have been part of our movement since the beginning or do you not understand who was at stonewall?
    If you don’t like religion then don’t practice it. If you find it too prevasive in out society then fight that. But do not attack people for their religious beliefs. It is counterproductive. Look at history if you do not believe me.
    If you do not like trans people then don’t associate with them. But calling them names, dehumanizing them just makes you look bad not them. It also discredits this movement. We have enough people attacking us from the outside without us fighting among ourselves about who belongs and who is worthy or our support.
    If you are unhappy about your life, and you rage filled posts sure indicate that, then do something about it. Stop scapegoating others in our community. They are not responsible for your misery. You are.

  14. MaryM says

    Obama is lying – he is too smart to believe in that ‘god’ f***er.

    By the way I am not spewing hate.

    I am pointing out the FACT that religious belief is an act of deliberate, wilful stupidity.

    There is no ‘god’. There is no evidence for ‘god’.

    Belief in ‘god’ is a lifestyle choice.

    I am not attempting to criminalise or punish people for their wilful stupidity / belief in that ‘god’ thing.

    Religion is like cancer – it sucks all that is good out of a person.

    I urge this priest to seek treatment for his mental illness.

  15. KidJ/NYU says

    Liam, you don’t understand who was at Stonewall. It wasn’t a bunch of trangenders. It was LGBs, some of whom were in drag. Drag queens are not transgender. There was one 1 actual transgender there, and he did not identify as trans until years later.

    And BTW, our identity is not determined by the make up of a crowd on a street corner 45 years ago. The lone pre-transgender mentioned above was also a prostitute and a heroin addict. It doesn’t follow that LGBs in 2014 now must accept a common identity with hookers and smack users.

    Use your brain, you reactionary dumbass.

  16. Ignore the Trolls says

    Ignore KIDJ/NYU – it’s merely another alias of this site’s most pathetic wimp of a troll.
    He uses many screen names because he’s an insecure coward who needs internet anonymity to spew his bile.