Uganda Warns U.S. Sanctions Over Anti-gay Law Will Harm ‘Most Vulnerable’ in the Country

MuseveniThe Ugandan government is pushing back against last week’s series of U.S. sanctions on the east Africa nation over its Anti-Homosexuality Law – such as the freezing or redirecting of certain aid funding and restricting entry into the U.S. by specific Ugandan officials involved in “human rights abuses.”

AFP reports:

"Uganda considers this announcement by the US regrettable as some of the halted funding and programmes in Uganda are those that will affect the most vulnerable people that the US government purports to support and aims to protect," the foreign affairs ministry said in statement.

The Kampala-based Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) stated in a report last month that “the full force of the State, particularly the legislative and executive branches of government, is being used to hunt down, expose, demean and suppress Uganda’s LGBTI people.”


  1. DC Insider says

    He’s absolutely right!

    Among the most vulnerable are those gay men swinging from trees.

  2. Michael Sawyer says

    We give you money for your poor, sick and hungry so that you can then turn around and spend your budget on the military and weapons. The very least you can do is say “ok” when we say “stop being dicks to your gays”. And if you cant stop being dicks to your gays, then pay for your poor your own damn self. I am ALL for foreign aid, but only to good nations with good track records.

  3. says

    We are quite willing to sacrifice a few for the many. The guilt of the plight of Ugandan gays lies with the Ugandan Government and no where else.

  4. simon says

    They don’t seem to understand it is THEIR responsibility to protect their own most vulnerable. If they can’t do that, they are not fit anymore to govern. It is not the fault of anyone else.

  5. john patrick says

    Is he making a threat? If we don’t give him money, he’s going to harm more people?

  6. bambinoitaliano says

    The most vulnerable means these corrupted scumbags pockets. All these foreign aids to these banana republics does nothing to help the actual poor. Might as well do something locally.

  7. jmartindale says

    If theirs is a criminal government, we will be better off contributing to the most vulnerable people in some other African nation.

  8. Drummong says

    He’s yammering about supporting and protecting vulnerable Ugandan people? Get outta here!

  9. The Milkman says

    When one’s economy is so very dependent upon Western largesse, perhaps it would be smarter to keep one’s hand open and one’s mouth shut.

    The United States will overlook just about anything as long as you have something we want… oil, tourism, cheap labor, natural resources, whatever. But if all you’ve got are some coffee and a few bits of broadcasting equipment, you’d better try to stay off the human rights radar on a number of levels.

  10. BrokebackBob says

    So it will harm the most vulnerable? You mean the ones you should be providing for? Tough titties, sub-human vicious tyrant? You think you’ve seen sanctions, you ain’t seen our biggest sanctions.

  11. says

    Let the chips fall where they may.
    Uganda started this.
    If Uganda wants to help ‘the vulnerable’ start with repeal of the anti-gay laws.

    Then apologise to every gay person in Uganda for betraying the civil and human rights of their own people and compensate everyone harmed by their bigot-laws.

    Then apologise to the International Community for behaving like a gang of savages.
    Then arrest Scott Lively and his hags the next time they come into Uganda.

    You have no right to aid, Uganda; it is charity and it is conditional on your country growing up and entering the 21 st century.

  12. Randy says

    If Uganda is going to harm its most vulnerable, that’s not the US’s fault.

    Ultimately, the need for never-ending aid is the result of a failure of the local government to govern competently.

    They went on record saying they didn’t need it or want it, so they can’t change their tune now. Wear it, Uganda. This is what you wanted.

  13. says

    Can’t disagree with any of the comments above.

    Shorter Uganda: “Let us hurt gays or we’ll kill our children!”

  14. louis says

    there are people around the world in countries without legislated homophobia that need American aid.

  15. Jim Anderson Jr. says

    We should transport all the innocents from the country then bomb the hell out of it, and use the remaining government funds to rebuild. Afterwards, return everyone else and re-kindle aid.