U.S. Supreme Court Denies NOM Request to Halt Gay Marriages in Oregon

The U.S. Supreme Court denied a request from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) to halt gay marriages in Oregon, The Oregonian reports:

SupremesIn a terse, one-sentence order, the court rejected a request by the National Organization for Marriage to put on ice the May 19 federal court ruling allowing gays and lesbians to marry in Oregon.

Justice Anthony Kennedy, who rules on emergency cases in the western region of Oregon, referred the issue to the full court, which then declined to get involved in the Oregon case.

Read the order here.


  1. Keith says

    I think you meant that Kennedy covers the western region of the United States, which includes Oregon. . .not that Kennedy covers just western Oregon. Regardless, great news, and let the happy couples that have recently wed be rest assured that there will be no further assault on their right to marry the person they love and wish to build a family together.

  2. says


    I have a feeling that although Justice Kennedy probably sought “guidance” from his fellow Justices, it was his decision and his alone not to stay the advancement of marriage equality in Oregon. Consequently, NOM can petition for the full court to issue a stay and hear their appeal, but even that I believe will be denied.

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Phoenix Justice – the article said that Kennedy did refer it to the whole court.

  4. Rich-SD says

    The analyst for SCOTUSBlog opined that the Supreme Court will only stay opinions that void state marriage discrimination laws when the stay is requested by the state. This is consistent with its dismissal of Perry v Hollingsworth for lack of standing.

    My best guess, FWIW, is that the Supreme Court will only weigh in if there is a conflict between circuits. Otherwise, they can avoid the controversy and let marriage equality take effect circuit by circuit.

  5. simon says

    Another pie in the faces of all the naysayers.
    I am now going over to Numblog to see what Herr Brown has to say. It is especially important because it has established a precedence that NOM, FRC etc can only watch on the sideline when all their southern bulwarks fall one by one.

  6. IPutASpellOnYou says


    *sigh* that feels good.

    Just imagine a Judge Judy scenario with Justice Kennedy belting out simply, “DENIED!”, but with the booming voice of a big-time boxing announcer… And then all the NOMs scatter and disappear under the floorboards like cockroaches exposed to light.


    Mmmmm, that’s nice. :-)

  7. james street james says

    NOM has sent out an emergency bulletin to its members. They are to wear hardhats at all times now due to the imminent danger of the sky falling.

  8. woodroad34 says

    Okay, the party is over, NOM, time to go home. Don’t worry, you won’t be invited again.

  9. Mike says

    To quote the Oregonian newspaper directly from their front page “Justice Anthony Kennedy, who rules on emergency cases in THE WESTERN REGION OF OREGON, referred the issue to the FULL COURT, which then DECLINED to get involved in the Oregon case.”

    The eastern part of Oregon is NOT in his jurisdiction and is a very sparsely populated area anyway. Sorry Keith. Apparently Oregon is too big geographically if not in population. I thought it was too. Here it is online:


    The most important thing is that it was soundly DENIED just as it has been in EVERY other state.

    The “National Organization for Marriage” or NOM, should disband completely in disgrace or at LEAST change their name to the much more accurate “A VERY FEW LOUD WEIRDOS FOR MARRIAGE INEQUALITY. They are certainly are NOT national in scope. They are NOT in SUPPORT of anything except bigotry. Most of all they represent marriage INEQUALITY rather than marriage!

    Just like Fox is NOT news in any way, shape or form! They are only a mouthpiece for monstrous and and glaring LIES and a soapbox for an unbelievable parade of creeps. [Shudder] To be positive, they must have the cleanest audience in the world. On the few times that have suffered myself to watch it, I feel so dirty that I have to clean up. Sort of a Fox decontamination shower.

    No RELEVANT news organization in the world should continue to grant NOM equal time. They are just a few crackpots and are not representative of ANYONE.

    The remnants of NOM reminds me of reading about a few isolated psychopaths found after a war has LONG been lost, living for years in caves and getting what nourishment they could from any sparse berries and roots that they could find. Both Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher look like they could do with such a sparse diet.