1. petey says

    What are they proud of? Their abs? Seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if Toronto Pride is just another show-off fest for guys with their shirts off. Different city, same schtick. Yawn…..

  2. John says

    World Pride Toronto, brought to you, in part, by Stoli vodka.

    It’s good to know that LGBTQ Russians now have their rights and the boycott is over! It’s amazing the healing power that the Sochi games had on that issue. I guess there will be no more Cossacks whipping – yes, WHIPPING! – people protesting for LGBTQ rights.

    Boy, it didn’t take us long to sell-out, did it?!

  3. epic says

    How is stoli responsible for the situation in Russia exactly? They just make vodka and it happens to be Russian, they didn’t write the law nor campaign for its institution. If it’s simply guilt by association you should really stop using oil or natural gas. Stoli paid the organizers to support Pride, it’s advertising sure, but they are financially backing an event that furthers the campaign of equality…shouldn’t you be targeting companies that are working against us? Or are at least ambivalent, like maybe Exxon…

  4. John says


    If Russia were a free – and true free-market – society, then your argument might hold water. However, the government of Russia is so involved in all aspects of business there – either as a direct owner or by kickbacks from the oligarchs that took over after the fall of the Iron Curtain – that a dollar spent on Russian goods gets into the coffers of a virulently anti-gay government (and much of that directly into the hands of Putin).

    In addition the Stoli trademark is owned by the government of Russia, so they get a bite of every bottle sold.

    As for oil and gas, while I make every effort to cut down on my use – I don’t own a car, for example, and bike or walk as much as possible – one cannot always distinguish where one’s oil comes from – things can be somewhat co-mingled. With a bottle of vodka, however, it is very obvious where it comes from.

    Having said that, I would totally support a government boycott of oil from states with offensive policies. I doubt that this will happen, due to our over-dependence on oil, but do think that some day we can be weaned off of it or live within what we produce here at home (Canada and US).

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