‘Big Brother’ Bromances Continue As Male Contestants Show Off Their Muscles, Share Bed: VIDEO


House guest Frankie, Big Brother 16's openly gay contestant (and Ariana Grande's half-brother), seems to be flourishing as the other contestants embrace their inner bromanticism. Whether participating in a muscle competition or sharing a cozy bed, this season's initial male-male relationship between Frankie and Zach seems ready to expand.

It is certainly refreshing to see heterosexual guys feel comfortable enough with their sexuality to play around and have fun (without scapegoating the LGBT community). 

Check out several particularly friendly moments, AFTER THE JUMP



  1. sand says

    Did you happen to see Finnish Big Brother 2007, there were two guys, Sauli (later Adam Lambert’s boyfriend) and the straight one Niko. They slept (in the literal meaning) together, kissed, spend all their time together at the house. It was adorable.

    There’s clips of them on Youtube.

  2. crashops says

    This has easily been the gayest season ever of the American version, it’s really refreshing to see them all at ease with Frankie and each other, even Donny was painting his nails with the girls the other day.

  3. Andy says

    Caleb waxing political on Instagram, two years prior to being cast on Big Brother:

    “You believe in murder? You agree with fags? I guess so but I don’t agree with murdering a innocent baby which he clearly doesn’t mind. Nothin has changed in these last four years. Your just a democrat that wants that Muslim monkey in office. I’m done with you, your dismissed.”

  4. SPOT says

    Right. This obviously isn’t carefully planned in order to drum up ratings for a sad show.

  5. SpaceCadet says

    I think I tried watching this show all the way back in Season 1. God that makes me feel old! Anyway, I’m always surprised this show is still on and thought it was or would have been cancelled long ago. I guess the ratings generally improved.

  6. Ryan says

    @ FURYOFFIRESTORM How is this gaybaiting? Big brother isn’t forcing them to act this way. Besides, a lot of it isn’t even showed on TV. Theyr’e all posted on youtube and other sites.

  7. anon says

    A bit ridiculous. This never happens in real life. Even gay men don’t feel each other’s muscles.

  8. says

    @Ryan: BB isn’t “forcing” them to do anything (influencing behind scenes, maybe…).

    However, this is still queerbaiting. It’s straight guys cuddling and flirting with the homosexual housemate in order to pander for attention. It doesn’t have to be explicitly shown on TV to be queerbaiting.

  9. Mo says

    This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the gay goings-on in this house. Frankie has massaged Cody’s butt, lied on top of Cody while he worked out and gotten just about every guy in the house to wear his high heels. The only “showmance” in the house is Zankie (straight frat-bro Zach and Frankie) and there are whole Tumblr sites devoted to the 350 times a day they flirt, grind or cuddle one another. Even the homophobic Caleb has been very tolerant of everyone.

    As for people who say this is a ratings grab, there was 1 short 45 second clip about “Zankie” on the televised show 2 weeks ago. Otherwise anything “gay” has been kept on the live feeds and After Dark. Not just a ratings grab… But it doesn’t hurt! It shows an optimistic portrait of accepting 20 – 30 year old straight men in 2014 IMO.

  10. BrokebackBob says

    Well, I am going to reach for the hook. Queerbaiting for ratings nails it. Those het guys better check themselves cuz when they get out of that house they gonna find their whole lives have changed…heheheheh

  11. Markt says

    Of course their directed. And of course it’s about ratings (it’s a reality show). What’s interesting is how they think the ratings will come. Via a confusing bromance that crosses all social lines. It’s a good start I think – if more than a little crude.

  12. Randy says

    The fact that they censor these clips in Canada pretty much proves that it’s all about driving ratings in the USA.

  13. Seaguy says

    Frankie needs to work on getting Caleb real drunk so he might then be interested in exploring man on man fun. That body of his is hot.

  14. Clint says

    Please stop devoting server space to this tripe, Andy. I would like to think you are above it.

    Like a Kardashian, stop looking at it, and it will go away.

  15. NOTICE says

    Everyone who says this is pandering for ratings is ridiculous and has no idea what they are talking about.

    Do they even understand what these clips are of? These clips are not from the show. They are from live feeds in the house that are on 24 hours a day recording everything they do.

    These are not directed activities, it is a bunch of people feeling bored and entertaining themselves. I suppose you could say BB is pandering by posting the clips on YouTube, but it seems like they’d include them in the show if they really thought it would boost ratings.

    This is actually just a reflection of the changing demographics of the mainstream hetero male in the US under the age of 30. It does seem like a lot of the people who commented here live in a vacuum and have no contact with anyone under 50.

  16. Martin says

    Keep it arriving….If Big Brother can finally get 2 guys who really are falling for each other…They are, skeptics…then maybe there will be some kissing or perhaps…*MMMM*??…LOL…