Chelsea Manning Will Receive ‘Rudimentary’ Gender Transition Healthcare: VIDEO

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has announced that convicted Wikileaker Chelsea Manning will receive “rudimentary treatment” for her gender transition.

Chelsea manning

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has announced that convicted Wikileaker Chelsea Manning will receive “rudimentary treatment” for her gender transition, reports Transgender Law Center (TLC).

Although it is unclear what specific treatment Manning will be allowed, TLC says:

“It is critical that all transgender people, including those who are incarcerated and detained, have access to life-saving health care. Transgender Law Center will continue to urge the Department of Defense that ‘rudimentary’ treatments include all health care treatments defined as medically-necessary by the preeminent health care organizations including the American Medical Association and American Psychiatric Association.”

According to The Washington Post, “the gender treatment provided by the military could include allowing Manning to wear some female garments and also potentially provide hormone treatments.”

In May, we reported that Hagel was considering moving Manning from her current incarceration in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas to a civilian prison so that she could receive hormone therapy and other necessary transgender medical care. Hagel said in May that he is open to reviewing the military’s ban on transgender service members

Watch the Washington Post report, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Tyler says

    Cue transphobic comments from dozens of Rick’s aliases in 3…2…1….

    Rudimentary treatment is BS. Sadly the lack of humanity showed toward Trans people is not surprising at this point.

  2. David From Canada says

    “I didn’t do it!!” storms Chelsea Manning in her new identity. “It was whistleblower Bradley Manning!”.
    Something for her and her lawyer to think about…….

  3. Mike says

    “Rudimentary”? Always the insensitive twits, some talking head at Fox will probably suggest use of a rusty knife and some cheap high heels.

  4. Leanne says

    Manning assaulted a female soldier in his unit, so that is evidence that he probably is trans. “Transwomen” are frequent perpetrators of violence against women.

    It is a shame that taxpayers are being asked to subsidize Manning’s mental illness. Eventually, there will be pushback on this in a lower profile case, and SCOTUS will rule whether under the Constitution there is a right to panties and makeup.

  5. says

    Kudos to Chelsea – brave woman. And to the one lonely miserable piece of S**T, post in his same tired anti-trans B.S. every day using various names – your cowardice proves your worthlessness as a human.

    it’s not “lots of anti-trans” sentiment – it’s one lonely sociopath with no life and many screen handles.

    any intelligent minds in the field of medicine and psychology understand these issues of reassignment surgeries.

    it’s akin to anti-gay bigotry: those with an “opposing view” merely have an uninformed one, and one steeped in nothing but animus and bias.

  6. MickyFlip says

    Everyone chill. If you want a flame war, take it somewhere else.

    As for Chelsea Manning. I still don’t know what to think. A friend of mine who was in military thinks he’s a traitor. And, honestly, I’m happy Chelsea found herself. But I do have an issue having to be one of many taxpayers having to foot the bill for this knowing that my friend (who is also gay) and many others feel otherwise. This is difficult for me.

  7. kyrie says

    I can’t believe you people haven’t figured out yet that Kiwi posts ALL those trolly posts himself.

    He purposely posts the Rick (or whatever other name to change it up) posts, then counteracts them under his own name to make himself look like a hero, and to get hits on his blog from people who ‘agree’ with him, and click his name to get there.

    I can’t believe you all haven’t figured this out. Why on earth do you think he so emphatically responds to every one of the Rick posts on every single article regardless of what “Rick” says?

    Did you think he’s just the world’s most efficient troll feeder or something??

  8. James says

    You’re a paranoid bunch of people. I assure you i’m not one to normally comment on here but the politically correct forcing of Transsexual issues on the gay community makes me so angry. Transsexuals see themselves -generally- as Heterosexual Women or Men so their issues come down to either straight or gay, right? No. It seems straight people don’t accept transsexuals so the gay community (again) gets another letter added to list of the disenfranchised that need a platform. I don’t consider myself unsympathetic to their issues, i just don’t see it as a gay issue. Its a body dimorphic issue but that won’t get their agenda money or support so they jump upon our wagon whilst describing anyone who disagrees as ignorant or transphobic.

  9. Steve says

    Agree with the commenter who said that SCOTUS needs to rule on this. This is being granted to Manning as a constitutional right, but the the highest court hasn’t weighted in. I doubt very much that there is a majority on the Court which would hold that taxpayer funded panties and bras are required by the 8th Amendment.

    Agree with another comment above asking WTF this has to do with gay people.

  10. iban4yesu says

    Better than nothing but still not good enough for my hero(ine)!
    go Chelsea go (You got a lot of hearty applauds from the spectators/ parade watchers along the route on san francisco gay pride this year! of course you are the honorary community grand marshal, you deserved every bit of the admiration for your courage and integrity!)

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